How to lower the pressure on both customers and CRM teams during Christmas Holidays?

24 November

6 Individuation® use cases to restore a balanced customer relationship at Christmas

No rest for the CRM teams: the commercial operations of the Black Friday are just ending and it is already the start for Christmas campaigns. The end of the year is synonymous with a "race for sales" for a large majority of retail brands because it's the final stretch to reach the year's objectives.
Christmas is THE "universal" sales moment for all Retailers because, unlike others, it is a time of year that is not just for the Christmas season, all customers are ready to spend more on their purchases at this time of year. The competition is therefore increased and customers are overexposed to different offers during this period and this on all sales channels (store and digital).

It is therefore difficult for brands to differentiate themselves and capture the attention of increasingly demanding and volatile customers. This is especially difficult in a complicated economic context (exit from COVID, inflation, etc.). Moreover, the management of Christmas operations has become more complex in recent years: more and more activation channels have to be managed, but above all, they come just after Black Friday and other private sales. One month before Christmas, customers are already over-solicited with often significant promotions.

Marketing teams are therefore under pressure, and so are customers! How to meet the business objectives of the brand while building a lasting relationship with its customers? Discover in this article how Individuation® allows customer marketing teams to reconcile the interests of brands and the expectations of each customer.

Another customer marketing is possible at Christmas. Here are six Individuation® use cases, six new tactics that broaden the scope of customer marketing to restore a balanced relationship between a brand and its customers.

It is possible not to bet everything on the end of the year

Christmas is a must-have that generates a lot of revenue, and marketing teams deploy a lot of energy to reach conversion objectives, notably by multiplying campaigns in an undifferentiated way on all channels.
The result: a customer relationship can deteriorate and a risk of impacting CRM growth over the longer term.

With the Individuation® Marketing platform, the turnover objectives, the operational rules and the budgetary constraints specific to the brand are set up in the platform, the CRM plan is also integrated, adjusted over time and managed in its entirety throughout the year.

  It is possible to differentiate the messages for each of your customers

Today, CRM teams have no way of differentiating messages for each of the tens, hundreds of thousands or even millions of customers with their campaign management tool. In order to meet sales targets, they tend to do "all-in" operations.
The result: customers are over-solicited with messages that do not necessarily correspond to them.

The Individuation® Marketing platform allows the marketer to set up all the campaign opportunities he wants and it is the platform that orchestrates and decides, according to the settings, which message is best suited to each customer thanks to the daily exploitation of all their data on the one hand and the library of campaign opportunities available on the other.
Thus, no more time spent on segmenting and targeting, each customer becomes a segment in its own right and receives the most relevant message.

  It is possible to maximize conversion rates

Brands are increasingly "phygital" and sometimes have different offers in store or on their website. In order to increase their conversion rate at Christmas time, they often send all the offers, whether they are valid in store or online, to their contacts.
The result: a customer who has never bought on the website will not be interested if they are pushed an offer that is only available on the web, especially if the product does not correspond to them.

With the Individuation platform, customer profiles are enriched every day with the available data about them. In addition to analyzing whether they are more digital than in-store (or vice versa), the platform calculates their product appetite. Thanks to this customer knowledge, the plateform will be able to decide which communication will be more relevant for him/her: for example, a web shopper could receive a message about a type of exclusive web products (for which he or she has an appetence) with a free delivery advantage, while a store shopper could receive a message about another type of products and be given a gift when he or she goes to the checkout in store.

  It is possible to get out of the "one shot" norm: one day, one campaign

All brands rely on global market statistics or business experience to decide which day to send their campaign.
As a result, most communications are sent out on the same day by a majority of brands, and they end up drowned out by dozens of competing offers.

With Individuation®, the platform evaluates every day the relevance of sending a communication or not for each customer. The campaigns can therefore be sent over a period determined by the marketer.

  It is possible to preserve your deliverability rate by centralizing the management of marketing pressure for all channels

Christmas campaigns follow one another and often... look the same!
The result: customers are less responsive to successive mailings or even unsubscribe, especially since they are also solicited by other brands. The risk of damaging the reputation of the IP is important, especially if many emails have already been sent for Black Friday.

With Individuation®, the management of the marketing pressure is centralized and managed for all the channels. It is the marketer who decides the rules and therefore the number of messages that the customers can receive over a given period.

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  It is possible to use all available channels to optimize ROI

To generate revenue, marketing teams will want to use all available channels, even overpressure by sending both an email and an SMS for example to a large part of their base.
As a result, the costs associated with activation channels can have a significant impact on the results of your operations and on ROI.

With Individuation® Marketing, the platform calculates the channel sensitivity of each customer and takes into account the budgetary constraints of the brand related to the sendings to arbitrate to whom to send a communication on which channel.

A different kind of customer marketing is possible all year round

By opting for the Individuation® Marketing platform, Christmas will always remain an important business event but the pressure will be less on the marketing teams and on the customers. Indeed, since the turnover is no longer calculated per campaign but over the whole year, the objectives can be smoothed out.
This feat, which marketers have been waiting for for many years, is made possible thanks to AI, which allows the platform to arbitrate every day on the most relevant campaign opportunity for each customer, taking into account the brand's sales objectives and the knowledge of each customer.

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