Customer Data Platform

Unify your customer data to harness its full CRM potential

Splio Customer Data Platform

A CDP for activation

Splio's Customer Data Platform transforms your customer data into actionable data. It offers CRM marketers the ability to reconcile, unify and synchronize customer data from all points of contact.

Using unified data, Splio CDPincreases customer knowledge andleverages data to personalize campaigns and deploy a unified customer experience across all channels.

Integrated with our marketing automation tool and connected to your ecosystem (CMS, PoS...), Splio CDP optimizes data exploitation for maximized marketing performance and ROI.

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CDP + Marketing Automation, combined!

Increase your customer knowledge and turn your data into actionable data

Customer knowledge

Customer knowledge

Increase customer knowledge
to fine-tune campaign personalization and deploy advanced marketing scenarios



Optimize your CRM strategy
strategy through customer knowledge and actionable insights

Multi-channel activation

Multi-channel activation

Activate unified data
across all channels for greater relevance and performance

Data management: create the data foundation for your entire CRM

Import and Clean

Reconcile your customer data

New, easy-to-use use cases thanks to a single access point to your data

  • Centralize your data with a single reference database
  • Import raw data from your various sources: CRM, CMS, Offline, Loyalty, Surveys, Customer Service, etc.
  • Access your standardized data via a single tool: Analytics, Segmentation, Export, etc.
Splio Import & Clean

Match & Merge

Unify your customer data

Get a unique ID that can be used as a reference throughout your CRM system

  • Deduplicate data from your database
  • Get a 360° view of every customer
Match & Merge

Data Activation: activate reliable and relevant data

Score & Segment

Deploy advanced marketing scenarios with a single click

  • Enrich your customer data and create more refined multi-criteria segmentations thanks to calculated fields and scores.
  • Personalize your communications according to the preferred purchasing channel
  • Activate incentives for your single-channel customers to increase cross-channelling
  • Tailor your communications to your customers' lifetime value
Splio Score & Segment

Sync & activate

Activate reliable audiences on all your tools

A customer-centric approach, optimized media investments and a 360° customer experience thanks to first-party data

  • Feed your BI and other third-party tools from a single data source
  • Export your audiences for activation on social networks (Meta) and display activation channels: Google, Criteo, etc.
  • Create reactivation display campaigns for your value-added customers who no longer respond to your email solicitations.
Sync & Activate

Customer insights: increase your customer knowledge

Customer insights

Create dynamic segments and track them over time

  • Create dynamic segments based on dozens of criteria
  • Increase customer knowledge with pre-calculated indicators and scores
  • Track their evolution over time (customer volume, revenues generated, types of purchases...)
Splio Customer Insights

Data Analytics: optimize your CRM strategy

Campaign Performance Dashboard

A cross-channel view of CRM performance

  • Track the impact of your marketing campaigns on your web and store sales
  • Measure the contribution of your CRM campaigns to in-store and web sales
  • Quickly identify the best-performing campaigns for each indicator
Campaign Performance Dashboard

Client Base Dashboard
Track the key indicators of your customer database (socio-demo, prospects vs. customers, evolution of customer volumes, etc.).

Client activity dashboard
Develop in-depth knowledge of customer usage and track changes in calculated segments, business indicators, etc...

Customer activity dashboard

Our customers testify


We needed a platform that could support us at every stage of our development. Splio puts customer knowledge at the heart of our growth and strategy, and offers us a structure that moves at our pace alongside an expert team that understands our model and our needs.

Caroline Pichereau

CRM Manager | ICICLE

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