Media kit.

This is our logo. It symbolizes the simplicity of our service offer as well as depicting our simple graphic line language used across our brand.

The logo should not be used any smaller than 10mm in width.

Primary colours

Light Blue

Pantone 290C
C29 M0 Y1 K0
R195 G237 B252


Pantone Cool Grey 1C
C3 M3 Y6 K7
R245 G240 B232

Navy Blue

Pantone 7694C
C100 M57 Y9 K52
R39 G65 B107

Secondary colours


Pantone 2715C
C48 M44 Y0 K0
R138 G138 B249

Pale Yellow

Pantone 127C
C0 M4 Y62 K0
R255 G227 B108


Pantone 3268C
C86 M0 Y53 K0
0 G195 B158


Pantone 2029C
C0 M70 Y58 K0
R255 G138 B122

Bright Blue

Pantone 2130C
C78 M51 Y0 K0
R72 G120 B255


Pantone 699C
C0 M22 Y5 K0
R255 G215 B220