Turn your customer data into intelligent marketing

Data, orchestration, activation, Splio integrates essential and advanced features of CRM within an AI-powered platform to make customer marketing management easier and maximize the Lifetime Value of all customers.

Splio Customer Platform

An All-in-One platform integrating all the essential features of CRM 

Data + Activation

Splio integrates CDP + Marketing Automation for marketing driven by customer data.


Management of the entire CRM plan and marketing pressure across all channels.

AI for CRM

An AI-powered platform to optimize your CRM plan and maximize LTV.

A marketing platform that integrates CDP + Marketing Automation

for marketing driven only by customer data

Easily orchestrate personalized marketing on a large scale

Gain relevance, performance and productivity with AI

Building lasting relationships

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Developed by marketers for marketers

Splio is a comprehensive marketing platform that covers all the needs of CRM teams to centralize and facilitate customer marketing management.

CDP + MA + AI for intelligent CRM

Splio places data and customer knowledge at the heart of its platform to meet CRM challenges and makes AI a lever for sustainable growth.

Designed for commerce 

Splio was developed to meet the specific needs of the retail sector, and is used by over 500 companies in the industry on a daily basis.

Professional and expert support

Our Customer Success Managers are SaaS and CRM specialists and experts in your sectors (retail, foodservice, e-commerce pure-players...).

Integrated into your retail ecosystem

Splio connects to all your data sources (PoS, e-commerce software, customer reviews, etc.), activation, reporting and acquisition tools.

Proximity at the heart of our SaaS business model

Splio is a French company headquartered in Paris with three offices and teams in Barcelona, Milan and Tunis.

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