Time for Individuation® Marketing 1:1

One to One at Scale

Leverage the full potential of your database by engaging each of your customers in a unique relationship.




Individuation® Marketing is unique

A unique vision.

Splio ambitions to take customer marketing to the next level towards Individuation® Marketing to make the promise of a unique and relevant relationship between a brand and each of its customers a reality.

Developed by marketers for marketers.

Our Individuation® Marketing Software Suite enables marketers to manage their entire customer marketing and supports them in their growth objectives.

Arbitration, a one-of-a-kind innovation.

Individuation® is based on a AI-boosted unique innovation that enables to communicate with each customer of a database on a one to one basis.

Thought for commerce.

500 brands and companies in the retail, catering and e-commerce sectors use our solutions on a daily basis.

Business and expert support.

Our Customer Success Managers come from the B2C business and support you in using the software suite alongside Data Scientists and Project Managers.

Integrated with your ecosystem.

Splio connects to all your data sources (PoS, e-commerce software, customer reviews...) and your activation, reporting and acquisition tools.

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Our Individualisation® Marketing Software Suite enables marketers to engage each of their customers in a unique and lasting relationship.

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