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Mobile Wallets are native applications that we all have without exception in our smartphones, be itApple Wallet on iPhone, Google Wallet on Android or Samsung Wallet on Samsung smartphones. They allow you to turn the cell phone into a privileged communication and engagement space between your customers and your brand, via an application that does not uninstall and is already used by a large number of customers.
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Exploit the full potential of Mobile Wallets

Dematerialization of loyalty cards, invitations and coupons

Digitalize your loyalty cards, invitations and coupons

Thanks to Mobile Wallets, your customers have access to
their loyalty points, status and other offers such as
status and other offers such as coupons,
ongoing rewards and invitations to events.

Push wallet notification

Notify your customers near your stores

Drive traffic to the store when the customer is near a
is near a point of sale by displaying proximity notifications.

Communication channel

Open a new channel for personalized communications

Segment and target your customers and
communicate ultra-personalized mobile experiences
experiences via push wallet notifications.

Example of a card in Mobile Wallet

These brands use Splio Mobile Wallets

Grain de Malice loyalty card

New CRM channel

Grain de Malice uses Mobile Wallets as a new CRM channel to communicate with its customers via push notification wallet. The brand can thus keep them informed of new products, discounts and current offers. The brand has also set up proximity messages that are automatically triggered when the customer is close to a store.

Mr.Bricolage loyalty card

Digitalization of coupons

Mr. Bricolage offers visitors to the store (customers and prospects) to scan a QR code and add their coupons to their Mobile Wallet. They have real-time access to coupon information and can easily use them in-store from their phone.

Fnac loyalty card

Digitalization of the member program

FNAC offers its members to digitalize their loyalty card and add it to their Mobile Wallet in order to have real-time access to their loyalty information, gift cards and other personalized offers at any time.

Norauto loyalty card

Customer animation

Norauto has deployed a new customer relationship strategy thanks to Mobile Wallets. The company animates its community with automated push notification wallet campaigns in which they push and relaunch their offers before expiration.

Cojean loyalty card

Digitalized loyalty card & accessible to all

Cojean has digitalized its loyalty program and now allows its customers toadd the loyalty card directly to their Mobile Wallet thanks to QR codes displayed in restaurants. Customers can thus follow in real time the update of their loyalty information.

Mobile Wallet Marketing use cases

Acquire new prospects in-store by inviting them to scan a QR code to add a coupon to their Mobile Wallet.

Mobile Wallet Marketing use cases

Increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaigns by opening a new channel in the heart of mobile with ultra-personalized content.

Increase the conversion rate of your campaigns

Engage your customers by providing a seamless loyalty experience and access to their information in real time.

Engage your customers

Digitalize your loyalty program by inviting your customers by email or SMS to add their loyalty card in a few clicks to their Mobile Wallet.

Dematerialize your loyalty program

Increase drive-to-store or app downloads with Mobile Wallets.

Increase drive-to-store

Reactivate your inactive contact base by sending them personalized and time-limited coupons.

Reactivate your inactive contacts
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