Marketing Automation

Win customers and increase sales by automating your campaigns and customer journeys

Splio Marketing Automation

Developed by CRM marketers, designed for Retail.

Splio's marketing automation platform is the ultimate CRM platform for retailers. It allows brands and retailers in the retail, e-commerce and restaurant industries to activate their contacts, automate their campaigns and personalize the customer experience to turn their database into customers.

Splio supports CRM teams in the execution of their marketing plan with the dual objective of increasing incremental sales and customer retention.

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Generate additional revenue by increasing your conversion rate.


Multi-channel traffic

Increase on & offline traffic with campaign management.



Increase efficiency by automating campaigns (scenarios, transactional emails...)



Boost engagement with your contact base with personalized campaigns.

Turn your prospects into engaged customers

An easy-to-use platform that can be integrated into the daily work of CRM teams to save time, streamline the customer journey and personalize the customer experience.


Build the foundation of your CRM strategy and enrich customer knowledge

  • Centralization of customer data (PoS, e-commerce site, customer service...)
  • Creation of a file with a unique view by customer (average basket, turnover, number of purchases...)
  • Data hosting in France
  • Automatic management of RGPD rules (opt-in, opt-out, automatic exclusion from mailing lists ....)

To go further → Consolidate your data with Splio CDP


Segmentation of your database

Segment contacts to send them adapted messages

  • Creation of all your segmentations in no code in complete autonomy
  • Creation of simple or advanced multi-criteria segmentations based on socio-demographic, behavioral, transactional criteria (on and/or offline purchases, spending X amount on a specific product category), or any other customized criteria related to your business
  • Creation of static or dynamic segments, evolving with the real-time update of your contacts' data, such as in the context of anniversary campaigns
Segmentation of your database

Scripting and customer journey

Implement automated, multi-channel scenarios to communicate at each key stage

  • Customer journey orchestration creating multi-branch scenarios with multi-criteria allocation conditions
    • Creation of specific campaigns: marketing newsletters, commercial actions (launch of new collection, private sales...), Christmas, Valentine's Day...
    • Creation of triggers: scenarios that are automatically triggered based on the behavior of your customers (abandoned carts, welcome pack, transactional emails in real time, customer reviews, birthdays...)
  • Distribution of your campaigns on all your channels, ensuring the best deliverability on the market
    • Native channels: Email, SMS, Push notification wallet
    • Other integrated channels via our partners
Scripting & customer paths


Create custom designs and templates to boost click-through rates

  • Creation and layout of your messages in drag and drop
  • Mobile responsive by default
  • Integration of dynamic content to personalize your messages based on all customer data (purchases, products, etc.)
  • Save your favorite content blocks in your library to reuse them in other designs (header, footer, product banner...)
  • Provision of template blocks that can be used in all your content

Analysis and reporting

Analyze your campaign indicators and adapt your tactics

  • Track your performance and analyze the ROI of your marketing campaigns
  • A/B test your campaigns and choose those with the highest impact
  • Adjust your strategies to reach your objectives: increase the frequency of purchase, average basket, reactivation of the inactive...
Analysis & Reporting


Splio is the champion of deliverability

As a member of Signal Spam, Splio has been ensuring since the beginning that your campaigns are delivered correctly and that you are reputed by Mailbox Providers.

Professional and expert support

Business support

Our Customer Success Managers come from the retail and e-commerce industries, and support you in the daily use of Splio and the deployment of your marketing plan in the platform.


Connected to your ecosystem

Connected to all your tools for more performance CMS, PoS, customer service, customer reviews, forms...

Choose Splio

Leverage the full potential of your data to engage your customers in a unique and lasting relationship.

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