Offer the most loyalty experience to your best customers

Splio Loyalty

Maximize the value of your good customers.

Your most powerful growth lever is your customer. Loyalty programs and all loyalty tactics are a good way to identify high-potential customers, increase customer knowledge and increase their value..

Make your good customers part of a commitment dynamic by getting them to join a loyalty program, rewarding them for their loyalty and motivating program members in a differentiated way.

Integrated into the marketing automation platform, the Loyalty brick enables CRM marketers to optimize the loyalty experience to engage their customers over the long term.

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Marketing automationLoyalty, combined!

Optimize the loyalty experience by automating and personalizing communications and rewards



Enrich customer knowledge by collecting information about your members to improve personalization of your marketing campaigns.

Buy again

Buy again

Boost purchase frequency and average basket by leveraging program benefits and privileges and automate rewards while remaining in control of generosity.



Create lasting customer preference by stimulating behavior and alternating commercial and brand messages.


Set up your loyalty program

  • Create a points, status or premium loyalty program, define the rules and configure it in Splio
  • Use ready-to-use reward rules and personalize them with loyalty data
Loyalty engine


Define, communicate and adapt your rewards

  • Manage your generosity by setting the rules for awarding points and rewards
  • Simplify the implementation of your marketing tactics by creating your own rewards catalog
  • Integrate the use of rewards into your marketing campaigns for greater personalization and efficiency
Reward management

Marketing Automation

Animate your loyalty program members

Automate and personalize campaigns and rewards based on behavioral, transactional and loyalty data.

  • Create exclusive scenarios to animate your members.
  • Organize "double points" events over given periods.
  • Create unique events for your VIP members.
Marketing automation

Loyalty Web Kit

Develop a loyalty interface on your e-commerce site

  • Promote the benefits of the loyalty program, the rewards catalog... to your members
  • Customize the interface to your brand image (colors, images, fonts...)
  • Provide your customers with a simple, responsive, mobile-friendly interface.
  • Integrate this interface quickly: reduce integration time by taking advantage of a SaaS product, with no APIs to implement.
Loyalty web kit

Mobile Wallets

Dematerialize loyalty cards in your customers' Mobile Wallet

  • Identify your customers in-store when they present their loyalty card at the checkout
  • Give your customers direct access to their loyalty program, highlighting offers, loyalty points and brand news.
  • Activate proximity messages to your customers via push Wallet near brand outlets
  • Compatible with all Mobile Wallets: Google Wallet, Apple Wallet , Samsung Wallet
Electronic loyalty card

Choose Splio.

Leverage the full potential of your data to engage your customers in a unique and lasting relationship.

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