Marketing pressure

How to reach sales targets
without damaging the customer experience?

Marketing pressure: serving brand interests while meeting customer expectations

Managing marketing pressure is becoming a real balancing act. Brands are faced with hyper-competition, where it's vital to stand out from the crowd, and consumers are confronted with hyper-solicitation without even asking for it. How do you find the right balance so that everyone benefits?

While e-mail is still the preferred communication channel for brands, who send an average of 3 to 4 e-mailings per week, customers are more demanding when it comes to the communications they receive, and would prefer to receive just one per brand per week.

Follow the guide to get the 10 cards you need to adopt the right (and new) marketing pressure management reflexes, and discover the platform that will enable you to lower marketing pressure per campaign, per channel and per day, while increasing the incremental revenue of each of them.

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