Predictive AI

Optimize your CRM plan with AI

Splio Predictive AI

Predictive CDP for intelligent CRM

Splio supports you at every stage of your growth with a modular CDP, available with or without artificial intelligence.

Splio's predictive CDP integrates all the advantages of a complete CDP with all the benefits of AI.

Splio Predictive AI harnesses the intelligence of customer data to anticipate their behavior in order to optimize CRM plans plan and generate incremental sales for each campaign.

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CDP + Predictive AI, Combined!

Let Splio Predictive AI optimize your customer marketing

Data optimization

Optimization of

Unify your data from all contact points to predict behavior and deploy intelligent scenarios

Campaign optimization

Campaign optimization

Send more campaigns and maximize their reach by controlling marketing pressure per day and per channel

Performance optimization

Performance optimization

Increase incremental sales with actionable insights from each of your campaigns thanks to actionable insights

Customer Data Platform

Unify your customer data and turn it into actionable data

  • Data Management: create the data foundation for your entire CRM
  • Data Activation: activate reliable, relevant data
  • Customer insights: increase your customer knowledge
  • Data Analytics: optimize your CRM strategy


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Campaign planning

Control and optimize your marketing pressure on all your channels

  • Integrate your campaign plan into the platform and manage it on a weekly basis
  • Centralize your planning of full-base, predictive, segmented campaigns on all channels
  • Manage your marketing pressure by day, by week, by channel
  • Control your distribution volumes by integrating your rules and constraints
Splio Campaign Planning

Predictive audience

Identify the best audience per campaign with the most powerful scoring engine on the market

  • Define the objective of your campaign(in-store product sales, traffic, engagement...)
  • Create campaigns in just a few clicks: date, channel, audience, offer
  • Communicate on 100% of your product catalog
  • Create high-performance campaigns based on offers: categories, products, brand (trade), etc.
Splio Predictive Audience

Predictive Insights

Track sales trends and benefit from actionable insights

  • Identify speaking opportunities based on purchase predictions and revenue potential for your products
  • Identify the most relevant topics for acquiring new customers
  • Optimize the compatibility of topics and products promoted for your customers
  • Find new product communication opportunities based on your customers' purchase probabilities
Splio Predictive Insights

Maximize the Lifetime Value of all your customers

Anticipating the risk of churn

Anticipating the risk of churn

Churn prediction scores to move forward with the right tactics

Maximizing the customer base

customer base

Detection of the 20% of customers generating 80% of sales for each campaign at time T

Optimizing acquisition

Automatic calculation of audiences similar to recent buyers (lookalike)

Reactivate inactive

Reactivate inactive

Interaction via other channels with more relevant content

Choose Splio.

Leverage the full potential of your data to engage your customers in a unique and lasting relationship.

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