CRM Copilot

Automate large-scale CRM strategy execution

Splio CRM Copilot

Orchestrate your customer marketing

Integrate all your CRM campaigns and eliminate the silos between your one-off campaigns and your scenarios, so you can exploit the full potential of your customer base.

Every day, the best campaign opportunities are selected for all your customers, while respecting your marketing pressure constraints.

Benefit from optimal targeting for all your communications, thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Reconcile the issues of the brand with those of each of the customers
to achieve the optimum for all


Increased customer knowledge

Based on data enriched daily, our predictive models calculate every day the appetite of each customer in base .

business objectives

Business issues of the brand

The platform allows you to set the sales target, operational rules and budget constraints of the brand, in addition to the campaigns.


Automation of arbitration

The platform automates the arbitration of the optimal daily and allows 1to1 activation on the most appropriate channels.

Unleash the potential of your campaigns with automation

Maximize the duration and reach of your campaigns

Relevant campaigns activated every day

  • A new arbitration is carried out each day taking into account the available campaign opportunities
  • Every day, the platform decides if there is relevant content or not for each client in the database
Maximize the duration and reach of your campaigns


A CRM plan for every customer

  • There are no more uniform scenario models: arbitrage offers a new way to build a marketing plan where triggers and marketing campaigns coexist
  • The platform automatically decides the most relevant priorities and sequences
There are no more standard scripting models


Marketing pressure is omnichannel

  • The marketer pilots and the platform centrally orchestrates all channels
  • CRM teams define marketing pressure rules by channel and by type of campaign
Controlling marketing pressure

Automated Daily Arbitrage

1:1 activation on all channels

  • The platform arbitrates every day on the most relevant message on the most appropriate channel for each customer
  • The platform automatically transmits the broadcast order of each campaign to each activation and routing tool
Automated Daily Arbitrage

Make profits with the utmost respect for the customer


Additional revenue

The main challenge is to generate additional revenue from each basic customer.


Productivity gains
and creativity

2x less time spent on setting up campaigns, 2x more time for new marketing actions.


Respect for the customer and a lasting relationship

Relevance and control of marketing pressure mechanically contribute to the sustainability of the customer relationship.

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Leverage the full potential of your data to engage your customers in a unique and lasting relationship.

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