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Our Individuation Marketing® software suite is unique on the market. It transforms data into a growth engine and supports brands at every stage of their development.

One to One Marketing at last

A unique vision.
Individuation Marketing® is the future of customer marketing and transforms it into a value creating, respectful and responsible marketing.
A software suite unmatched on the market.
Solutions that support you in all your growth stages to achieve your goals.
Business and expert support.
Our Customer Success Managers come from B2C business and supports you in the use of our software suite alongside Data Scientists and Project Managers.

Developed by marketers for marketers.
Our Individuation Marketing® software suite enables marketers to manage their entire customer marketing and supports them in their growth objectives.

Thought for commerce.
500 brands and companies in the retail, catering and e-commerce sectors use our solutions on a daily basis.
Integrated with your ecosystem.
Splio connects to all your data sources (PoS, e-commerce software, customer reviews…) and your activation, reporting and acquisition tools.

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Our Individuation Marketing® software suite enables marketers to activate and engage their customers in all their uniqueness in order to build a unique, lasting and respectful relationship with each of them.