Splio gets a makeover

13 February


Online. Offline. Aligned.

Splio has a new look and promises, through its new visual identity, a Customer Platform at the forefront of RetailTech and the renewal of retail.

  • A new logo and a new website to allow marketers to identify Splio as the Customer Platform that embodies the evidence of on and offline convergence based on customer knowledge;
  • Combining the functionalities of marketing automation with loyalty marketing to enable brands to build long-lasting, authentic relationships with their customers and boost their sales on and offline;
  • A new internal dynamic to align the teams of the different departments and deliver clear and coherent messages to customers.


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Paris, February 13, 2018 - Online. Offline. Aligned. Splio's vision can now be summed up in these three words. Three words that speak volumes, three terms that are explicit and understandable in the three continents where the company is now established, and that clearly display Splio's avant-garde positioning. Three concepts on which the new visual identity has been built, revealing a new era for global commerce and consumption, and technological choices for the benefit of retailers.

"New consumer behaviours are changing the game for brands.Millennials, generation Y, baby boomers, all consume via all channels. They represent the future of consumption in the logic of a borderless world, and it is now up to retailers and brands to follow the trends that are imposed on them,"

says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio.

"Behind our Customer Platform, behind the code, are indeed teams that base their daily progress on this vision."

From CRM to Customer Platform

Splio's Customer Platform evolves around customer knowledge. A simple and complete platform, developed by marketers for marketers, enabling campaign deliverability and personalisation, clienteling and distributed marketing, with the dual aim of offering brands a unique customer experience on and offline, and boosting sales.

"A platform that facilitates the daily life of marketers who are nowadays asked to be strategists, tech and digital experts, in a world that is evolving very fast and largely influenced by international trends."

says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio and former customer marketing director at several retailers such as Sephora, Go Sport and Printemps.

Splio's Customer Platform also has the unique feature of combining the functionalities of marketing automation and loyalty marketing, which Splio believes should go beyond loyalty cards and points, enabling brands today to engage in a new dialogue with their customers.

"Today, it is essential to use tools that offer true agility to ensure the right experience for the right customer at the right time."

says Elodie Barbé, marketing director at The Kooples.

"This is all the more challenging for an international brand that has to adapt to local customer specificities while ensuring a unique experience and image across 5 continents,

Elodie continues.

The Kooples has been communicating with the Splio Customer Platform since March 2014.

3 choices in the air of time

Online. The mobile internet is forcing brands to go digital

And the digital shift necessarily involves the mobile. Almost a third of cross-device transactions start on a smartphone.The customer is now completely connected from morning to night and the mobile internet is shaking up the traditional top-down retail model.

"It's a state of mind, understanding that trends no longer come from brands alone but from consumers who decide and validate them. The C2B dynamic launched by the use of social networks is replacing the B2C logic and is still in its infancy. Marketing teams must implement bold marketing, full of common sense and benevolence towards consumers.

says Mireille Messine.

Offline. The point of sale remains the number one channel

The physical point of sale is still a must for consumers and remains the most popular channel, regardless of generation. According to Fevad figures, in 2016 online commerce still only generated 8% of retail sales and a slight drop in transactions of 7% was noted in 2017. The point of sale remains the reference sales channel and the point of attachment for consumers. "Retail is not dead but in the midst of a renaissance! It is omnichannel that has gone from being obvious to being a requirement for brands," says Mireille Messine.

Aligned. Successful digital transformation

For Splio, a successful digital transformation of a brand requires team alignment.

Brands have everything to gain from the horizontal alignment of their internal teams, i.e. corporate, marketing, e-commerce and digital teams. This certainly implies a new organisation, but also and above all a new impetus and a new dynamic that will enable the brand strategy to be aligned on and offline.

This alignment of teams also takes on a glocal dimension, and can mark a rapprochement of the corporate teams with all the staff of the points of sale, with their knowledge of the field, located in the four corners of France and the world, around a common brand strategy.

The benefits of team alignment are very real for brands: deploying a global customer experience online, offline and on social networks, increasing in-store sales and conversion rates, satisfying customers wherever they are and building loyalty.

Whether it's in-store or e-commerce, or on social networks, brands need to engage, interact, create an authentic connection with their customers and offer them a unique experience, regardless of the channel they use. Social networks are now an integral part of consumers' lives. C2B logic is now a must. In-store, online, on social networks, brands need to align themselves and get up to speed.


About Splio:

Splio provides marketers with a Customer Platform that allows teams to connect internally, in order to deliver the smoothest customer experience online and offline externally. Splio's platform is based on customer knowledge and advocates loyalty marketing to its users in order to boost global and local sales for retailers.

Based in France, Splio is also present in China, Spain, Italy, Poland and Brazil, and has over 500 retailers. Its clients include The Kooples, Kusmi Tea, Givenchy, Caudalie, Degrenne, Intersport, Desigual, Lindt, Air China and Cache Cache.

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