Data compliance:
what are the
new challenges
of CRM?

How can we maximize the use of data today?

The advances in personal data protection are colossal and fundamental. The customer's consent is becoming the only standard for brands, a real guarantee of quality in customer relations.

RGPD, management of native cookies, deletion of third-party cookies, Apple Mail Privacy Protection... how to continue to enrich customer knowledge and make the best use of data with the greatest respect for customers?

This guide aims to give you some tips to adjust your customer marketing strategy and anticipate the disappearance of third-party cookies announced for 2024:

  • How can you adapt and evolve your data processing practices?
  • How to carry out your marketing missions (follow-up, targeted and personalized messages...) while being in compliance with data?
  • What data will your CRM teams have at their disposal and how can they maximize its use?

In this guide, you'll find all our ideas for maximizing the use of data in the age of data compliance rules!

Have a good reading!