5 marketing tactics to digitalize your customer relations.

13 October

The period we have just gone through has brought about many changes in consumer behaviour, favouring online over offline and forcing brands to rethink their customer relationship strategies. How can you make the most of digital? We will share with you several strategies that will help you to digitalise your customer relations.

Live Streaming.

The new live streaming features that have recently emerged on social networks are a real boon for brands. In particular, they allow live interaction with consumers and thus the collection of live reactions during product launches or announcements.

Live Streaming thus makes it possible to strengthen the commitment of the most loyal customers, to encourage purchases, to develop brand awareness and to create a real community of committed customers.


Sponsorship programme.

A sponsorship programme is to encourage your customers to share your brand and products with their friends and family by offering them additional benefits, such as coupons, gifts, or unique experiences.

Most customer referral programmes work with a voucher or discount for both the referrer and the referred person. Referrals will be more likely to try the product recommended to them by their friends thanks to the discount and the decision to buy will be even easier. Moreover, if they are satisfied with your brand and your products, they can also become your ambassadors. A real virtuous circle.

The referral programme is tailored to each brand, using different tactics, and maximises the value of your existing customers. It is an inexpensive and highly effective way to recruit new customers to your brand.


QRcode: a new channel.

Thanks to the development of QR codes you now have access to a whole new channel. By displaying QR codes in your shops, on your products or on your advertisements, you can easily recruit new customers on different channels without any constraints.

By combining QR codes with mobile wallets and a form, you can easily collect information from your customers and offer them to sign up for your loyalty programme for example.


Dematerialised loyalty programmes.

The time has come for the dematerialisation of your loyalty programmes and therefore the implementation of a CRM channel in the heart of your customers' smartphones.

This new channel of communication with your customers has many advantages for you: communication directly in the mobile thanks to wallet push notifications, the possibility to personalise the loyalty card with the colours of your current offers and to push personalised messages with your customers.

But also many advantages for your customers: a simplified and real time access to their loyalty information (number of points, expiry date...) and to their loyalty card.


An online community.

Building a community on social networks is an effective way to keep your customers engaged and to create a lasting relationship with them. By creating a wide range of content adapted to your different types of customers, and by taking into account their feedback on your products, you will ensure many sales generated by engaged and loyal customers.

Combined with new shopping trends such as Live shopping (Tele-shopping 4.0 on social networks) and Social shopping (Enabling shopping directly from the brand page on networks), this will become a major asset in the digitalisation of your sales strategies.

A method particularly well suited to brands in the retail sector, as it increases offline traffic and online conversion.


So now is the time to digitise your brand and build a lasting, personalised relationship with each of your customers right in their smartphone.