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Your New Loyalty Marketing Platform to do loyalty differently

Splio’s New Loyalty Marketing platform helps marketers engage and retain their prospects and customers on all channels creating long-term and profitable relationships.

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Online. Offline. Mobile. Aligned.

Splio’s New Loyalty Marketing Platform combines Marketing Automation, New Loyalty Marketing, Mobile Wallets, and WeChat Marketing. We enable marketers to create and manage both transactional and relationship-based Loyalty programs, digitalize loyalty programs on mobiles and personalize marketing campaigns on all channels.

Who works with us.

These customers never miss a sale. Large or small we help brands across sectors reach their audiences online and offline.

How do brands use Splio?

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Get them to buy twice.

Know your customers. Create loyalty marketing programs that connect to your customers and bring them back for repeat purchases.
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Join up your on and offline channels.

Align your on and offline customer marketing. Make sure all internal team efforts are coordinated and focused on increased sales and revenue.
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Retain and reward
your best

Keep your best customers. Reward loyalty with tailored offers that ensure you keep your most loyal customers engaged.
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Move to Loyalty Marketing.

Loyalty means more. Shift from blast marketing to targeted marketing that drives loyalty and delivers repeat sales.

Why Splio?

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Focused on customers.
Our platform and functionalities have been developed by marketers for marketers. Other systems may promise more but ours works for you.
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The customer is always right.
For us that’s you. That’s why our customer success managers are completely focused on your success. With us, behind the code you’ll find a person.
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It's a journey to better.
Nothing happens overnight. We know it takes time to build successful connected campaigns. That’s why we always start by asking what is success to you.
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What's new at Splio

Get started with Splio today.

Book a demo of our platform and see how brands use it to connect online and offline loyalty to increase sales and profit.