The state of CRM


First-party Data is the Future of Acquisition

As acquisition costs continue to rise due to the cost of using 3rd-party data, acquisition marketers will need better ways...

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Omnichannel retailing is here to stay

Users are concerned about the privacy of their data. In this episode, we talk about a recently released study that...

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The gap between privacy and personalization

Customers are concerned about data privacy. It's unclear whether or not a personalized experience is valuable enough for a customer...

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Key Themes That Emerged from Shoptalk 2022

Between March 27th and the 30th Ben and Matt attended Shoptalk Retail Las Vegas. This conference attracts leaders from around...

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How propensity scores can be used to accelerate business results w/ Simon Boissinot

Matt is discussing with Simon BOISSINOT, Technical operations Director at Splio. Simon is a key driver behind the innovation that...

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What relevancy and pressure mean for unsubscribes

The unsubscribe rate is a key indicator as to whether or not CRM messaging is relevant. It can also indicate...

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The Build vs. Buy Dilemma

The increased digitization of commerce has accelerated the rate at which companies have to make build vs. buy decisions. What...

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Applying Deep Learning to CRM

AI has officially become a buzzword as we reach the advanced stages of the AI boom. But, believe it or...

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Key findings from The State of CRM Report 2022

Discover the key findings from The State of CRM Report 2022. 100 CRM marketing professionals worldwide shared how they run...

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Actioning the voice of the customer

Customer-centricity means building a marketing strategy that is designed to create goodwill between your brand and your customers. The tactics...

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What's going on with Apple Mail Privacy Protection?

We've been talking a lot about privacy and specifically Apple's Mail Privacy Protection that was launched with the iOS 15...

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Big CRM Tech, big promises...but do they deliver?

Today, we are going to chat about the big promises big Martech makes to CRM marketers. Big CRM promises stronger...

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