2018 FIFA World Cup: The Ball is in the Marketer's court

13 June

2018 FIFA World Cup: The Ball is in the Marketer's court

The FIFA World Cup is a sporting event known for its capacity to bring together, engage and enrage consumers. It's happening soon and represents a huge opportunity for marketers to increase the notoriety of their brand, engage with their clients & prospects to retain their interest.

Communication: Free Kick on Social Networks.

The World Cup is an international topic for a month. Spectators tweet, post, like and share on a common subject: the games of the day. By playing on the news, a brand increases its chances of visibility. So, put on your jersey and adopt a real-time marketing strategy.

You must participate in discussions on social networks in real-time. It will let you play on the same field as your clients. Be visible by using the official and popular hashtags to stay ahead of the game.

Official sponsors of the competition pay millions of dollars to take advantage of this event. That doesn't mean that you are out! You have to dribble the official references by betting on an original and dynamic communication and by underlining football culture and the team you support. Tweet about products you deem relevant regarding the competition, with an interesting picture inviting comments for example. Also, make sure to use the same language as your community to create proximity and engagement.

Product Marketing: Be the Attacking Player.

The Football World Cup is the occasion for you to capture the consumer's attention by launching marketing campaigns which will catch them in your nets. Make the link between your products and your passion for your favourite team to increase engagement regarding your brand and why not, stimulate your sales.

Of course, the sports industry will be the most impacted sector by the World Cup. It will automatically benefit from a great sales growth, especially thanks to the sales of balls and jerseys. But it is also the case for many consumer products, such as consumer electronics!

Be smart and think about what this event represents for your target audience. Our advice? Launch a campaign using the colors of the World Cup by focusing on the product range you feel important to have while comfortably watching the games.

And if you definitely can't make the link... play against it! "Put on your most beautiful heels for tonight's game!"or "Chocolate is the key to smooth the soul! Always have a box next to you during a match!".

Engagement: Qualify your customers with Interaction Points!

It's a fact, the World Cup period pushes purchases and emotion. It's your time to invest your clients' heart. To do so, set up some loyalty actions connected to the event to increase both your clients' engagement and your sales.

A tweet about the World Cup mentioning your brand? 5 points. A purchase on your online store after your marketing email about the competition? 15 points! Don't forget to thank them for their loyalty by getting them into your VIP list or by inviting them to your next private sales, for example.

All your communication channels should be used for the FIFA World Cup. Your goal? To create a marketing campaign to make sure your brand matches with your customers.

You now got the game sheet? Put your spiked shoes on and go get the World Cup!


Let's win your clients' engagement!