Splio raises €10 million to make neo-fidelisation the new growth lever for brands in Europe and China.

23 September

Because mobile and digital have blurred the boundaries between a customer and a prospect, Splio is revolutionising customer marketing by launching the New Loyalty Economy to offer brands the opportunity to include all consumers in the same engagement dynamic.


Paris, September 24, 2019 - Splio today announced a €10 million round from Ring Capital, a fund specialising in financing French Tech scale-ups, with the participation of Swen and Splio's historical investors, BPI France and Amundi PEF . The company, which has offices in Europe and China, publishes a SaaS-based neo-fidelisation marketing platform that is used by more than 500 brands in 8 different sectors, including The Kooples, FNAC, Le Slip Français, Big Fernand, GiFi, Maty and Longchamp.

Splio raises €10 million to invest in innovation and accelerate its international growth. Thanks to this funding and the confidence of its investors, Splio is investing in its R&D teams and in innovation to support its international development and offer the European and Chinese markets an innovative marketing platform that meets the new consumption patterns of new generations.

"Splio convinced us with its vision on the evolution of customer loyalty and customer relationship for brands. With this round of financing, we want to support Splio's growth and continue to invest in the platform to serve this vision. With a mature model and positioning, as well as the challenges of scaling up and internationalisation, Splio is at the heart of Ring Capital's strategy, " says Nicolas Celier, co-founder of Ring Capital.

Convinced that neo-loyalty is the best growth lever for brands today, Splio launches the New Loyalty Economy. " Splio is proud to open the doors of neo-loyalty to brands that want to make a difference in an era of hyper-choice, ultra-digitalisation and mobile first, " says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio. " Because acquisition budgets are increasingly heavy, loyalty is increasingly volatile and innovation has become a real lifestyle, Splio is now offering the market an innovative approach to customer marketing capable of covering all customer relationship needs. "

More and more brands are joining this new marketing dynamic in order to mark their difference. Splio, which has contracted no less than 30% of new brands in 2019, such as the Vivarte Group brands (Minelli, San Marina, Caroll...), the Big Fernand restaurant chain, L'Oréal Luxe or Made In Design, aims to accompany them all into the era of the New Loyalty Economy with its neo-fidelity marketing platform.

" With Splio, we now offer museums and other cultural organisations the possibility of digitalising ticketing, like the Atelier des Lumières, thus avoiding paper and engaging in personalised and relevant communication via push notification wallets with all visitors," says Alexandre Poltoratzsky, Vivaticket's sales director.

"Above all, we want our customers to feel that they are special to us. We fully embrace the vision that loyalty can no longer be based solely on the transaction. Splio has proven to be the ideal platform to create transactional and relational programs, allowing us to calculate loyalty points across all on & offline interactions with our customers, and to personalise the relationship through increased customer knowledge," says David Basile, marketing and communications director at Wycon Cosmetics, a fast-growing Italian cosmetics brand.


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About Splio.

Splio opens the doors of the New Loyalty Economy to marketers who want to acquire, convert and build loyalty with all consumers directly in their mobile. Because digital has blurred the boundaries between a customer and a prospect, Splio revolutionizes customer marketing and offers brands the opportunity to include all consumers in a single engagement dynamic.

Splio is a neo-loyalty marketing platform that combines marketing automation, neo-loyalty marketing, Mobile Wallet marketing and WeChat marketing. From a 360° view of the customer on and offline, the platform enables mobile to become an acquisition and engagement channel, to create and manage transactional and relational loyalty programs based on customers' on & offline interactions, and to ultra-personalize marketing campaigns across all channels.

Over 500 brands across Europe and China use Splio on a daily basis, including The Kooples, Fnac, Caudalie, Minelli, Le Slip Français, Longchamp, Fauchon and GiFi.

Splio is led since 2014 by Mireille Messine, CEO. The company comprises 150 employees and 5 offices across Europe and China. Splio acquired the startup Gowento in November 2018. The company raised a first round of €10M in October 2016 from Amundi PEF, BNP Paribas Développement and the Fonds Ambition Numérique managed by BPI France, followed by a second round of €10M in September 2019 from Ring Capital, Swen Capital, BPI France and Amundi PEF, to support its international growth and develop the Europe-China axis. Splio is one of Europe's top Inc 5000 high-growth companies and benefits from the Pass French Tech.


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