Splio integrates neo-fidelization into its marketing platform: time for engagement!

11 September

Splio Loyalty allows you to create classic and relational loyalty programs from its platform in a few minutes.


Paris, September 11, 2018 - Splio is taking the lead in LoyaltyTech and announces that its omnichannel marketing platform now integrates - natively - the creation and management of classic loyalty programs, known as transactional, and relational, thanks to the addition of the Splio Loyalty functionality. By combining marketing automation and loyalty programs, Splio now enables marketers, in addition to orchestrating campaigns, to create their own online and offline loyalty programs to recognize and reward new forms of loyalty.

  • Splio integrates loyalty program creation and marketing campaign management into a single platform without the need for connection to or integration with a third-party solution;
  • A "Plug & Play" solution that allows marketers to create and deploy loyalty programs themselves in minutes;
  • Splio offers the creation of engagement-based loyalty programs that reward customers' web and social behaviors;
  • Splio increases customer engagement for brands seeking to create a profitable and lasting relationship with their customers.

" We are very proud to bring loyalty back to the forefront by allowing marketers to retain - via our platform - their ambassadors who have become as important as good customers .

says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio.

"Splio engages in neo-loyalty and launches the relational loyalty programme based on on and offline customer engagement, where every interaction between the customer and the brand is rewarded."


Splio launches the relational loyalty program and awards interaction points to ambassadors

By combining loyalty and marketing, Splio offers to couple transactional loyalty program and relational loyalty program.

In the age of mobile phones and millenials, the new loyalty is more human and interactive. If loyalty is currently being disrupted by social networks, then loyalty techniques must also be updated.

The relational loyalty programme allows marketers to value all the online interactions of their customers (Facebook page likes, Instagram post likes, click-through rates on email campaigns for example), to create a community, to value the engagement of ambassadors and to couple classic loyalty points with interaction points.

Geoffrey Bruyère, founder and CEO of BonneGueule, is an Early Adopter of Splio Loyalty:

" Transforming the relationship into a customer relationship, moving from reward to recognition... At BonneGueule, we pay a lot of attention to engaged customers, to our community, to our interactions online and in shop. Systematically clicking on the links in our newsletters, chatting in the blog comments, participating in our brainstorming sessions... We want to give our ambassadors the place they deserve in the community, regardless of the amount of their purchases. Loyalty is also about commitment.


The business potential of neo-fidelisation

Marketers are feeling the financial need to build loyalty sooner and sooner. Indeed, loyalty pays off much more than acquisition: increasing purchase frequency by 5% increases profits by 20 to 35% . With Splio, marketers take the reins of loyalty programmes, measure customer engagement on social networks and via email campaigns, to credit points and offer benefits. The platform also allows them to detect ambassadors in order to involve them in the life and communication of the brand.


A comprehensive, easy-to-use and innovative platform for modern marketers

Splio is an all-in-one marketing platform from which marketers can easily orchestrate marketing campaigns from customer data and now create loyalty programs on their own without the need for a third-party solution.

" The platform is ergonomic, easy to use, pleasant and very quick to learn. Especially when compared to larger companies, where the tools are complex and difficult to implement. You don't have to waste time trying to figure out the mechanics or other complex processes. It's almost plug and play.

says Julia Foucher, CRM manager at Le Slip Français.


About Splio

Splio provides marketers with an omnichannel marketing platform which, by combining marketing automation and loyalty programs, enables brands to orchestrate high-performance marketing campaigns and manage their online and offline loyalty programs. Splio offers acquisition, reactivation and loyalty through customer knowledge and engagement, and recommends loyalty marketing to its customers to boost their sales.

More than 500 brands worldwide use Splio on a daily basis, including The Kooples, Kusmi Tea, Givenchy, Caudalie, Degrenne, Intersport, Nice Things Paloma S., Lindt, Air China and Cache Cache.

Splio was founded by Louis Rouxel and Raphaël Jore in 2001, and has been led since 2014 by Mireille Messine, CEO. The company has 130 employees and 7 offices across Europe, China and Brazil. The company raised €10M in October 2016 from Amundi, BNP and BPI to support its international growth and in particular to develop the Europe - China axis. Splio is one of the top Inc 5000 high-growth companies in Europe and benefits from the Pass French Tech.


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