Splio appoints Antoine Scialom as European Managing Director.

15 May

Splio focuses on Europe to deploy its C2B vision and omnichannel marketing platform.


Paris, 15 May 2018 - Splio appoints its first European managing director in the person of Antoine Scialom. The company, which has a team of 130 developers and marketers across Europe and China, publishes a SaaS-based omnichannel marketing platform used by over 500 brands worldwide. With the appointment of Antoine Scialom, Splio marks a real turning point in the company's strategy and reveals its desire to assert its leadership by making :

  • Its C2B vision - a shift to modern times in commerce "powered by Millennials
  • Its omnichannel marketing platform a driver for development in Europe
  • Customer satisfaction is a key to success,

"Antoine Scialom is now in charge of the whole European market in order to further establish our leadership in Europe, explain Splio's C2B vision of marketing, and develop the use of our platform to all European marketers.

says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio.

"It is important to have at Splio's head office in Paris a leader in charge of the development of the European market, the potential of which has already been demonstrated in Southern Europe thanks to the excellent performance of the Italian and Spanish teams.

continues Mireille Messine.

Business development in the skin

Trained as a lawyer in NTIC law, Antoine Scialom joined one of the pioneers of the French Internet at 24h00 in 2006, Patrick Robin, who entrusted him in 2007 with the creation of a new revenue line, the first email marketing agency specialising in e-commerce and retail. This first mission enabled Antoine to get his foot in the door in the world of business development.

In 2013, Antoine took on the position of Deputy Managing Director at Proximis and worked to accelerate the growth of the startup specialising in omnicommerce. Four years later, Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio, asked him to join the team as Managing Director France.

"A challenge I accepted a few months ago for France and today with great enthusiasm for Europe! Our platform meets the needs of today's marketers and our vision offers them the expertise to create the 21st century shopping culture that Millennials are already instilling in us.

says Antoine Scialom, Splio's European Managing Director.


Technology validated by customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a key success factor at Splio.

"We are proud to work with clients who have been loyal to us for many years. I am thinking of The Kooples and Kusmi Tea.We have made customer satisfaction an internal priority and a vector for external growth.

A few months ago, Antoine Scialom launched the SMILE programme - Satisfaction Measurement Index to Lead our Enterprise. This programme enables the teams to accompany clients towards their marketing objectives and to develop our solution "designed by marketers for marketers" alongside them.


Offer C2B marketing to all European brands

Antoine Scialom is banking on Splio's success in Southern Europe, particularly in Italy/Spain, to convince marketers in Europe of the power of the marketing platform to orchestrate effective on and offline marketing campaigns, and to convert and retain customers. The new European director also wants to seduce brands by proposing that they move from a top-down B2C logic to a C2B mode; a new marketing approach that consists of putting themselves in the shoes of end customers, especially Millennials, considering all customers as loyal customers and aligning on and offline strategies to better convert and sell.

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About Splio

Splio provides marketers with an omnichannel marketing platform which, by combining marketing automation and loyalty marketing, enables brands to orchestrate high-performance online and offline marketing campaigns.Splio bases its platform on customer knowledge, and recommends loyalty marketing to its customers with the aim of boosting their sales.

More than 500 brands worldwide use Splio on a daily basis, including The Kooples, Kusmi Tea, Givenchy, Caudalie, Degrenne, Intersport, Desigual, Lindt, Air China and Cache Cache.

Splio was founded by Louis Rouxel and Raphael Jore in 2001, and has been led since 2014 by Mireille Messine, CEO. The company has 130 employees and 7 offices across Europe, China and Brazil. The company raised €10M in October 2016 from Amundi, BNP and BPI to support its international growth and in particular to develop the Europe - China axis. Splio is one of the top Inc 5000 high-growth companies in Europe and benefits from the Pass French Tech.

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