Splio and D-AIM merge to bring marketers into the age ofIndividuation Marketing®

27 October

The merger creates a visionary group in the Martech world, ready to transform customer marketing with a SaaS platform that is unrivalled in the market.


  • Over 250 employees and 9 offices in Europe, North America, MENA and China
  • A client portfolio of over 500 brands, ranging from medium-sized companies to large groups in 5 key industries (retail & e-commerce, banking & insurance, catering, telecoms and media)
  • A single vision: to accompany brands in a radical transformation of their customer marketing by adoptingindividuation marketing®to gain a significant competitive advantage
  • A €10 million fundraising for an immediate acceleration of the newly created group

Paris, 27 October 2021 - The General Meetings of Splio and D-AIM have just voted to merge the two companies. The two French software companies are pooling their know-how, expertise and resources to make a significant shift towards the customer marketing of tomorrow. Stéphane Amarsy will become Chairman of the Board and Mireille will be appointed CEO of the new entity, with the common ambition of multiplying turnover by seven by 2025 with a marketing approach that creates value, is respectful and responsible.

Individuation Marketing® is the mantra of the newly created group. A common vision on the growing importance of artificial intelligence and data as an essential element of marketing has indeed led the two CEOs to merge their two companies into one. The result of this merger is a new SaaS platform that covers the entire value chain of relationship marketing: from data structuring to marketing activation, including augmented customer knowledge and of course the artificial intelligence-poweredindividuation marketing® engines.

Stéphane Amarsy has made a major strategic pivot over the past three years to transform his company, renamed D-AIM in 2020, into a pioneering software companyIndividuation Marketing®. This platform, which empowers the use of data through AI, makes the most relevant marketing decisions for each customer. Artificial intelligence has become essential to address each of them in a unique way.

"Beyond a human encounter with shared values, the merger with Splio considerably increases the operational possibilities for our customers. Differentiated Loyalty and Engagement programs allow us to consider the uniqueness of each customer to manage a holistic relationship with them. Marketing Individuation is a unique value proposition that is greatly enriched with Splio! Stéphane Amarsy, Chairman of the Board of Splio + D-AIM.

Mireille Messine lived several lives before taking the reins of this new company, which will unveil its name in the coming weeks. From her years as customer marketing director at Sephora, Printemps and Go Sport, to name but a few brands, she retains only the desire to make the most of customer knowledge to personalise the customer relationship and achieve her objectives.

" Customer marketing has reached saturation point, with brands investing more and more for less ROI each year. We need to get back to basics, let marketers focus on the customer and their core business, while AI takes care of the repetitive tasks and seizes the opportunities" says Mireille Messine, CEO of Splio + D-AIM. " My role today is to ensure that all marketers have access to data intelligence and to make Individuation Marketing® a growth lever for all brands."

This platform will return marketing teams to their central role of branding and creating value-added content for their customers, while artificial intelligence will focus on automating the tasks that humans can no longer handle when addressing hundreds of thousands or even millions of consumers individually. The implementation of large-scaleIndividuation Marketing® projects will transform marketing departments, often seen as cost centres, into true champions of revenue creation.

The investment funds that have already financed each of the companies have reaffirmed their commitment and confidence by participating in this €10 million round for the newly created group. Ring Capital, Sofiouest, Alliance Entreprendre, Omnes Capital and Swen Capital are committed to supporting the growth of their scale-ups. The main objectives of this new round of financing will be to strengthen the technical, R&D and Sales & Marketing teams and to accelerate the conquest of new international markets.

" The merger between D-AIM and Splio is in line with our investment strategy: to promote build-up and position our investments as market consolidators, as in this case with Splio, by adding strong data and AI expertise and by opening up new verticals. This merger makes even more sense for Ring Capital as both companies share the same vision and commitments on impact issues," says Marie-Capucine Lemétais, partner at Ring.

Patrice Hutin, Deputy Managing Director at Sofiouest adds: " With this transaction D-Aim and Splio mutually reinforce their presence in the marketing individuation value chain. It is very exciting to participate in the creation of a European champion led by a duo of exceptional and extremely complementary leaders. A great adventure ahead!

About Splio

Splio is a loyalty marketing platform that enables brands to recruit, retain and engage their customers across all channels. Splio consolidates in one platform all marketing activation needs allowing retail, e-commerce and restaurant brands to build a lasting relationship with each of their customers.

More than 400 brands across Europe and China use Splio on a daily basis, including Longchamp, La Grande Récré, Bazarchic, Cojean, Fnac, Balzac Paris, Minelli, Le Slip Français, Bricorama, Rue du Commerce and GiFi.

About D-AIM

D-AIM supports its clients in the adoption ofIndividuation Marketing®. By putting AI in charge of identifying the best opportunities to communicate with each individual customer, D-AIM allows brands to dedicate a virtual marketer to each customer.

This solution, which responds to the growing need for more ethical and empathetic customer marketing, is being deployed by major players in the retail, media, telecom and banking-insurance sectors.

D-AIM is active in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.


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