Splio acquires French start-up Goodfazer

24 March

Splio acquires French start-up Goodfazer and democratizes digital customer digital customer sponsorship as a new growth lever for brands.


Splio makes its second acquisition in 2 years by integrating the Goodfazer SaaS referral platform and makes word-of-mouth available to brands.

  • After the acquisition of start-up Gowento in 2018, Splio is once again pursuing an external growth strategy to reinforce its vision of a customer-centric platform.
  • Goodfazer is the integration of an ingenious and innovative platform and the acquisition of a wealth of expertise in referral marketing, which responds to the current challenges and needs of merchants.
  • Customer referral serves a dual purpose: to recruit new customers organically, at a controlled cost, and to strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

Paris, March 24, 2021 -
Splio is proud to announce today the acquisition of French start-up Goodfazer, a SaaS-based customer referral management platform made in France. Splio is making this acquisition to enable brands to use customer referral to leverage the power of recommendation and the reach of word-of-mouth to recruit new customers.

Splio is a loyalty marketing platform that enables merchants to engage and retain their customers across all channels. With this acquisition, Splio reinforces its vision that loyalty and engagement are powerful growth drivers for brands. With more than 500 customers in the retail, e-commerce and restaurant industries, Splio confirms its position as a leader in MarTech and an expert in commerce, working to provide a platform that consolidates all the marketing activation needs of merchants.


Splio puts the customer at the heart of the brands' growth strategy.

Sponsorship - or Referral Marketing - is now at the heart of the transformation of purchasing decisions. It is a marketing lever based on two strong principles: recommendation and trust, and this is exactly the vision that Mireille Messine, Splio's CEO, defends and makes accessible today with the Splio platform. " Choosing customer referral means opting for an organic development lever that capitalises on a customer base that has been acquired and won over, and that places it at the heart of abrand's growth strategy. " Mireille Messine continues, " Digital referral has already proved its worth in the United States and has propelled brands such as Uber, Airbnb and Dropbox. The aim of this acquisition is precisely to democratise its use in France so that mid-market brands can benefit from it. The arrival of Frédéric Faivre in the team and the integration of the Goodfazer platform are excellent news for Splio. They are also new opportunities for both retail professionals and our customers.


Goodfazer: from an intrapreneurship project to Splio.

The power of recommendation is measured in the exponential nature of word-of-mouth trust, which turns the customer into a channel of influence and sales. The customer creates value and is more than ever a word-of-mouth channel that should not be underestimated. This is what Frédéric Faivre, founder of Goodfazer, whose favourite subject is referral, has understood. Created in 2018, Goodfazer enables brands to recruit new customers through the creation of referral program and the animation of engaging campaigns.

The Goodfazer platform was born out of an intrapreneurial initiative incubated by Becoming Group, when Frédéric Faivre, still an associate director at the Grenade & Sparks agency, was managing the first referral operations for Sosh and Orange. This project was part of the development of an innovation that served the company's vision, and therefore allowed Frédéric Faivre to develop the referral platform that merchants need.

" Engaged and loyal customers are eager to play an active role in the brands they love.We are witnessing a radical transformation of the consumer purchase decision from advertising to peer-to-peer recommendation and word -of-mouth," says the former advertising executive. " Giving the reins back to consumers by making customer referral accessible to all retailers, via an innovative and easy-to-use platform, is our ambition to make referral an engaging and loyal customer experience.


Referral recruits and builds loyalty across all channels, all year round.

Referral in SaaS mode has already won over a number of people, including Sandrine Privat-Pedoussaut, Marketing Director at NAF NAF , who has developed a multi-channel referral program with Goodfazer to recruit a new clientele and boost its on & offline sales outside of peak sales periods: " We easily integrated the Goodfazer platform into our phygital, e-commerce and point-of-sale ecosystem, and we also quickly deployed referral campaigns within the NAF NAF network with very good results.

In particular, the brand has increased its average basket by 50% with its current "My Tribe" referral campaign.

For more information on Splio's acquisition of Goodfazer, please contact the press office.


About Splio

Splio is a loyalty marketing platform that enables brands to engage and retain their customers across all channels. The platform combines marketing automation and a loyalty engine, enabling merchants (retailers, pure-players, restaurateurs...) to activate and sustainably engage their customers with transactional and relational loyalty programs, the dematerialization of loyalty cards, coupons and invitations in Mobile Wallets, and the management of multi-channel marketing and sponsorship campaigns (email, SMS, push notification wallets and WeChat).

Over 500 brands across Europe and China use Splio on a daily basis, including Longchamp, Bazarchic, Bchef, Fnac, Minelli, Le Slip Français, Rue du Commerce and GiFi.

Splio is led since 2014 by Mireille Messine, CEO. The company has 150 employees and 5 offices in Europe and China. Splio acquired startups Gowento in November 2018 and Goodfazer in February 2021. The company raised a first round of €10M in October 2016 from Amundi PEF, BNP Paribas Développement and the Fonds Ambition Numérique managed by BPI France, followed by a second round of €10M in September 2019 from Ring Capital, Swen Capital, BPI France and Amundi PEF, to support its international growth strategy. Splio is one of the top Inc 5000 high-growth companies in Europe and benefits from the Pass French Tech.


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