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30 November

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25 helpful reminders to enhance Customer Happiness

It's time for us to nudge you a little with some quick reminders about your customer relationship.

Christmas is the perfect time for retailers to tell customers that they care. As the holiday is quickly approaching, merchants should refocus on their customers and surprise them with a new approach and certainly with more emotion and attention.

Tip 1 -Black Friday was a hit for retailers in Europe so it's probably time to rethink the customer strategy in order to update the approach, messaging and objectives.

Tip 2 -Segment your customers in order to be as attractive as possible; With segmentation you learn about your brand positioning, can localize customers, understand behaviors, adapt content, etc.

Tip 3 -Think customer experience before, during and after the sale! Break your habits. You could for instance deliver the orders pre-wrapped for ready-to-go Christmas presents?

Tip 4 - Make your customers smile.

Tip 5 -Be loyal to your customers and they will be loyal to your brand. Retailers can't buy loyalty. They earn it. So, where should you start? What should you do?

Tip 6 -Don't focus just on your products. Even though it is a key sales period, don't just think about pushing your products. Find out their interests and send them recommendations by email, wrapped up in a nice template, to help them find new ideas for presents; That would help them a lot!

Tip 7 -Customer relations are similar to the relationship between a couple. You should continually remind your customers that they are important to you.

Tip 8 - Connect to every customer however they want to connect with you, in-store or on-line.

Tip 9- Customer participation: ask them to co-create the offers ; involve them in the brand story!

Tip 10 -Don't think transactional, think emotional. It is Christmas!

Tip 11 -Consider your customers. Surprise your customers. Product, price, promotions... What would surprise and delight your customers?

Tip 12 - Shop their way

Tip 13 -To the loyal customers that visited you in-store, did you find a way to thank them?

Tip 14 -Manage customer satisfaction as well as customer dissatisfaction. That is also a way to show clients you care.

Tip 15 - Rethinkservice from scratch and put yourself in your customer's shoes. Christmas is the best time to rethink acquisition and loyalty strategies to recruit and increase brand loyalty.

Tip 16 -Be creative and think of all the wonderful campaigns you could send with beautiful email templates! You can share so many emotions with design. Christmas is the perfect time to be real, creating a human and close relationship with your customers.

Tip 17 -What are your objectives? Are you following your roadmap or passing from one thing to the other in order to complete your checklist? Fix your objectives and stick to them.

Tip 18 - Create compelling connections with your customers, on and offline.

Tip 19 -Customers are not emails or numbers. Find out who they are and recognize them. Show them you care about them.

Tip 20 -Your best ambassadors are your own teams! Involve them in brainstorming about customer communications ideas.

Tip 21 -Create events, happenings, anything that could bring you closer to your customers by localizing them and personalizing the invitation!

Tip 22 -Have you thought about talking with your customers rather than just communicating? You have plenty of formats, channels and content type: video, audio message, postcard, personalized tips, quizzes...

Tip 23 - RGPDcompliance is getting closer! You should start creating your communications with the new regulations that will come into effect later on this year.

Tip 24 -It's done. Now, focus on 2018!

Tip 25 - Fingerscrossed: let's hope that today your satisfied customers turned into happy customers!

Merry Christmas everybody !