7 Misconceptions about Mobile Wallets.

20 May


Mobile Wallets are today the best way to communicate and engage with your customers directly at the heart of their smartphone. It's also an innovation that will allow you to go further with geo-localization, dematerialization and personalized customer relationships in order to better convert your campaigns, whether they are trying to sell your products or drive traffic on & offline.

You still don't know what Mobile Wallets are about? Well, feel free to read and share our infographic which explains what Mobile Wallets are all about.

Acquire, reactivate, animate and retain are achievable objectives thanks to Mobile Wallet Marketing, but marketers are still slow to invest in this new mobile channel. That's why we've decided to fight against the 7 following misconceptions and invite you to take a look at our Splio Mobile Wallets offer.

1. Yet another more complex and expensive technology to set up!

This innovation is simple to use and set up and represents the future of a two-way customer relationship:

  • They are super easy to use for your customers: in just a click, they can add a coupon, Loyalty card or ticket to their Wallet. And thanks to Push Wallet notifications and real-time information, they'll get into an engaged relationship with your brand directly at the core of their smartphone.
  • They can be set up in less than 2 hours: Once you plug your CRM to the Splio Mobile Wallets platform, you'll be ready to go! A new channel of communication and a new direct interface with your customers can be deployed in around 2 hours.

A Mobile Wallet Marketing investment is less expensive in comparison to text messages.

2. Nobody knows what this is, why should I use it?

Because Mobile Wallets are native apps in our smartphones, and we all have them!

Haven't you already added a boarding pass to your Mobile Wallet?

Did you know that Apple and Google are negotiating with European banks so iPhone and Android users can pay for their purchases directly via their mobile?

The use of Mobile Wallets is booming. You just have to take a look at the Chinese market and the lifestyle around WeChat there. It's up to you to evangelize this easy-to-use innovation to your customers.

3. Only young people know about Mobile Wallets!

Mobile Wallets are not just for Millennials but for everyone! There are 1.101 billion smartphones in circulation in Europe, representing 130% of the population[1]. Young or senior, you can reach every smartphone owner thanks to Mobile Wallets. It's up to you to evangelize this new, easy to use and interactive channel to your customers. Consumers are willing to receive promotions, want to reduce the number of physical Loyalty cards in their wallet or want access to their Loyalty information in real-time.

Why don't you put all the odds in your favour by offering an innovative user experience?

4. My database is super small, what's the use?

Well, use Mobile Wallets to increase your database! Do you want to acquire new customers? Mobile Wallets are an incredible lever for acquisition. For example:

  1. A contact is interested in an offer they have seen via one of your Facebook Ads?
  2. They just have to click on the ad and fill out the data collection form for the coupon to be automatically added to their Mobile Wallet.
  3. A good deal for the consumer and a new customer for your brand = winning strategy.

5. I don't have a Loyalty program, it's useless for me.

Mobile Wallets not only allow you to be at the cutting edge of Loyalty by dematerializing both your Loyalty card and program, but some brands use it for other purposes:

  • Invitations: your customer just registers for the next exhibition you're hosting? Offer them the possibility to store the event directly on their mobile.
  • Ticketing: your customer registered for their next flight to Madrid? In a click, they can save their boarding pass in their Mobile Wallet. They will only have to show the pass and their ID to the flight attendant during boarding time.
  • Coupons: via a text message or an email, send a link redirecting to a coupon to your non-loyal customer base. While clicking on your communication, the customer automatically registers the pass in their Wallet and can show it during their future purchases.

You got it. Mobile Wallets can also be used to improve the user experience of your customers with your brand.

6. I have an app, I don't need Mobile Wallets.

Mobile Wallets and your app are complementary. People have on average 98 apps installed in their smartphone, and only use 34 of them each month and uninstall 50% of them after 30 days. What if you use Mobile Wallets to increase the downloads of your app? With a simple link in your customers' Wallet, you can invite them to download your app. Mobile Wallets are a new communication channel and a springboard for your app.

7. Mobile Wallets don't work under Android.

In just a click, your customer can add your coupon, ticket or Loyalty card to their Apple Wallet. On Android, your customer will have to sign into their Google account and do it in around 4 clicks. Mobile Wallets (Google Pay) are not embedded in the Android operating system but are embedded in Chrome! Don't fear, adding a pass to a Mobile Wallet on Android smartphones is still easy to do!


What are you waiting for to get into the Mobile Wallet era? Don't wait for your customers to ask for it. They are a real revolution regarding the communication and the personalization of discussions between a brand and its customers and will be more and more used by brands moving forward.



[1] Hootsuite