With Deep AI, Tinyclues will do for your marketing what Waze is doing for your journeys

18 mai

Roadworks, traffic—any number of obstacles—can make a car journey longer and more complex. But now Waze, a clever little navigation app, is making life better for drivers. It shows you the best route, alerts you about likely traffic holdups and helps you successfully reroute. Using artificial intelligence, it gives you real-time traffic and road information—and it outsmarts the traffic, finding you the best route, usually saving you time and fuel. Now there’s no need for you to worry about being late or the best route to take. You simply say where you want to get to and Waze tells you the most effective way to get there.

Now, if you work in B2C marketing, imagine how an AI-driven marketing app like Waze could help with your campaign agenda. Imagine an easy-to-use solution where you can define your next campaigns and optimize the audiences based on highest buying potential. Imagine how great it would be if that solution could tell you in advance that you have audience conflicts, for example based on your marketing fatigue rules. Imagine the solution suggesting you make changes in your marketing agenda and audiences so that you deliver the highest performance for your business. Imagine being able to do this in a very agile manner without delving into the complexities of data science.

Dream no longer. Splio will make it easy to navigate your marketing journey.
Now there’s a platform that replaces marketing plans built using Excel. It provides a user-friendly calendar view that lets marketers define the topics they want to talk about for each day over the coming weeks. It will then leverage deep AI to automatically build the best target group and make recommendations for best audience volumes, so avoiding audience conflict and fatigue.

Yes, it’s almost like a version of Waze adapted for marketers!

You basically say what you want to sell and it will detect the highest potential buyers within your customer database, making sure each customer will receive the campaign(s) for which their propensity to buy is very high. It’s like the GPS feature: going from A to B. But like Waze, Splio can also optimize your journey in real-time, considering potential audience conflicts and rerouting your campaigns very smoothly, making sure that everyone receives the best messages and that the overall marketing plan is balanced and delivers the highest revenue. Through a very simple interface, it gives you a tailored campaign marketing road-map based on the here and now.

These days, marketers shouldn’t have to input their preconceptions about what is going to work. The job of today’s marketer is to define content and to create a strategy and to have KPIs they want to optimize. They shouldn’t be second-guessing the right target audience for a given product.

You could say it’s very like the self-driving car revolution and its different stages of automation.



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