Meet Splio at WeChat E-commerce in Shanghai

03 juillet

Combining a whole range of features with the ability to pay, to set up online stores, to implement loyalty programs, and to engage with customers, WeChat has become the leading force of E-commerce in China. However, back to the most essential point, how many of your customers can you really reach on WeChat?

1. What proportion of your customer base is following you on WeChat?
2. How many of your WeChat contacts are successfully identified as existing customers?
3. How can you track users across different WeChat accounts, brands or markets?

Join the WeChat E-commerce Event on July 10th at 7 pm and participate in the Splio talk: Improve your customers’ experience and loyalty on WeChat.

Date :

Début : 10/07/2019

Fin : 10/07/2019

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CeoSuite Shanghai, China