2019: The time has come for WeChat Loyalty Marketing!

18 juin


Whether you are developing your business in China or not, you may know that from a marketing perspective China is an exception as well as an exceptional market.

  • An exception because even if marketers are not addressing the Chinese market, it is so inspirational that you necessarily have to look at what is happening there, follow the digital, e-commerce, marketing trends that will help you innovate your own customer marketing in Europe.
  • An exceptional market because both brands and consumers are challenging themselves as well as stimulating the overall commerce experience. It’s a market with a very strong test & learn culture that pushes marketers to constantly innovate to satisfy hyper insatiable consumers; it’s a huge mass market where advanced technology enables brands to nevertheless ultra-personalize creative communications and drive sales.

Where Chinese brands engage with Chinese consumers in China?

How Western brands engage with Chinese consumers in China?

Can European brands target Chinese consumers from Europe?

There is one single answer to these three questions: WeChat.

Mobile is such an opportunity for brands to scale, and mobile apps like WeChat can open great new business perspectives anywhere in the world!


You are planning to expand your business in China, or you are already developing there?

Then you need to know that copy-pasting your customer marketing strategy in China will not work. It’s a market driven by very demanding consumers requiring creative, omnichannel and individualized experiences with sophisticated offers, to have them choose your brand among others, to have them hook to your brand. Acquire customers on Taobao, Tmall, in-store, JD.com, Red Book, Tik Tok, and engage them with the most creative brand experience on WeChat.


You’re planning to target Chinese consumers in Europe?

Add a new communication & selling channel to your marketing strategy!

There are over 12.8 million [2017] of hyper-shopper Chinese consumers visiting Europe every year, longing to live your brand experience in-store and be engaged with you on WeChat all year long, recommending your experiences to other upcoming Chinese visitors and buying your products online at any time. Create an official account on WeChat, have the Chinese consumers scan your QR code in-store or online to follow you, entertain them on & offline to be visible and sell your products. WeChat is a new land of business opportunities for Western brands.


How to make the difference on WeChat in such a competitive market?

WeChat is the hub where to retain, engage and sell your products to your customers. How to make sure consumers see you there?

  1. Add WeChat as a new channel in your omnichannel strategy.
  2. Move to New Loyalty Marketing on WeChat and reward all kinds of interactions with every Chinese consumer you have online, offline, on WeChat, anywhere.
  3. Think to include everyone in your New Loyalty Program, not only good purchasers, even a follower or someone who purchases for the first time should be rewarded.
  4. Reward any movement from your WeChat followers: purchases of course, but also any like, comment, answer to a survey, visit to a store, interaction a customer could have with you, touchpoint, as well as the word of mouth, the shares, the referrals, etc. They are your best ambassadors and business facilitators!
  5. You can reward them with coupons, very much appreciated in China, but you can go beyond to the “cash-back” reflex and make Chinese consumers feel special: invite them to a special event to develop a much more personal relationship or talk about them in your communications to recognize their value in front of all your followers.

Your New Loyalty strategy must be relationship-based, and this is what a customer journey looks like when it comes to new loyalty on WeChat.


What is the best customer marketing strategy to engage Chinese consumers on WeChat?

WeChat Loyalty Marketing.

Loyalty is fickle in China, it comes and goes. It’s a short-lived trend and brands are in a never-ending courtship with consumers. Be creative, be digital, be interactive and be fast, that’s how brands can make the difference today on WeChat. Chinese consumers are investing more and more on entertainment. They love to try new things, be surprised and get good vibes. In such a hyper digital country, the key is on Onlinetainment on WeChat. It will drive traffic on & offline, word of mouth, engagement… Onlinetainment has become a key strategy for marketers in China and WeChat the key place to display it. It is about having consumers wanting more all the time thanks to very creative experiences.


The time has come for WeChat Loyalty Marketing in Europe and in China.

Splio has been connecting Western brands with Chinese consumers and helping Chinese brands with cross-border strategies in Europe since 2011, from both Paris and Shanghai. Splio helps marketers to engage with Chinese consumers on WeChat to drive New Loyalty and sales, in China or in Europe.

  • WeChat Loyalty marketing: Splio combines relation-based and transactional Loyalty programs out of web, CRM, social and transactional interactions, both online and offline, and helps brands engage customers on WeChat.
  • Omnichannel marketing: our platform enables marketers to unify their customer knowledge, orchestrate marketing campaigns and New Loyalty programs in all channels, including WeChat.
  • Marketing automation: Splio enables marketers to target and send personalized & segmented campaigns on WeChat and any other channel.



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