Why retailers should go East with Splio?

07 mars


Why Retailers should go East with Splio?

Disrupt your business in China.  Retailers may think it’s easy to rapidly scale their business in China.  In a way that’s true.  There are over a billion of Chinese consumers who love shopping and are willing to buy from any brand if their products are of high quality, content is inspirational, and if brand experiences are hyper engaging and entertaining. 

But the truth is also that the market is so disruptive and so ahead digitally-speaking that if brands launch in China, it will transform their entire retail business all over the world.  And that’s a pretty good outlook for brands!

Shopping is a wild ride in China, with constantly new content, changing colors, cutting-edge products, multimedia and personalized customer experiences.  From a European perspective, it’s a complete cultural shock. Retailers and pure-players moved to the C2B mode in 2012 with the e-commerce revolution in China, and Chinese consumers completely drive the market now.  Millennials – or post-90’s as they are called in China, rule, and they are mobile-first, they set the trends and constantly ask for hyper-engaging shopping experiences.

Foster the relationships with your customers.  Commerce in China is about feeling connected to a brand on multiple channels.  And this is really challenging in China because of the combination of a very sophisticated digital ecosystem, led by the BATX*, with a disjointed silo organization makes things even more difficult.  A seamless customer experience as offered by omnichannel marketing as a must.

Align your on and offline strategies and further boost your retail revenue in China with Loyalty Marketing. Chinese consumers are heavy users of loyalty programs when they become a member of your brand community.  When consumers fit with a brand, you can gain more market share quickly in China by building an online and offline loyalty program through WeChat.

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*BATX : Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi


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