What is it like working at Splio?

07 mars


What’s it like working at Splio?

When thinking about the place where I want to work, I always think about a place where it is possible to build a professional career while being surrounded by helpful and approachable people. As Internal Communications Specialist, I can say that Splio is like this!

Working at an international company where you can speak to people from different countries and cultures, learn from others and share anything that works (or not) in your country.  This is how you become better at all levels.  And that’s great!

During the time I have been working at Splio, out of the office in Barcelona, I had the chance to meet about 50 SplioWomen and 80 SplioMen, all curious, honest, committed and tenacious people.  No matter your position in the organization chart, you are going to find accessible people ready to share and listen.  This is how people grow and help others (like clients!).

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