WeChat Ecommerce: Improve your customers’ experience and Loyalty.

01 juillet


Combining a whole range of features with the abilities to pay, to set up online stores, to implement loyalty programs, and to engage with customers, WeChat has become the leading force of E-commerce in China. However, back to the most essential point, how many of your customers can you really reach on WeChat? 

  • What proportion of your customer base is following you on WeChat? 
  • How many of your WeChat contacts are successfully identified as existing customers? 
  • How can you track users across different WeChat accounts, brands or markets? 

Join the WeChat E-commerce Conference on the July 10th at 7pm and participate to the Splio talk: Improve your customers’ experience and loyalty on WeChat. 

Romain Henriot, COO at Splio China, will share the best practices and up-to-date case studies on identifying and engaging customers among your WeChat followers.  

If you are interested, add the discount code dbavip to get a free register to the event on July 10th, let’s have a nice talk and get insights on improving your customers’ experience and loyalty on WeChat 




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