The story behind Splio’s new brand.

20 février


Further. Faster.

First impressions.

From the first moment we met Splio, we knew it was a special company. We recognized immediately that success for this project was in finding a way to express their offer in a simple way that allowed prospects to engage with the platform and discover for themselves the complexity and sophistication that was below the surface. To do this we spent a lot of time listening. We met and spoke to as many team members and customers as possible. We were struck by the calmness and authority of the technical team, by the passion and enthusiasm, almost 15 years on from the start of the company of the founders, by the caliber of the team around them and by the customer stories. 


Every story, every conversation, and every anecdote led us to the same place. That Splio is a powerful platform. That Splio empowers companies to align their online and offline offers to their customers in a way that connects their marketing efforts. That Splio helps to drive additional sales and revenue through sophisticated loyalty marketing. But how to express this clearly. A phrase one of the co-founders, Raphäel, said ‘never miss a sale’ and another from a customer interview, ‘we connect on and offline teams’ stuck with us.


We searched for a metaphor for the idea for online and offline, for connecting together. We looked at circles, abstract shapes, connecting dots and people’s expressions. But then it came to us. A simple line, like the games you played at fairs as a kid with a wireline and a hook you moved around the shape. A connected line that and twists up and down, representing on and offline. All aligned in one line. 


We dug further, exploring icons and shapes and explored how we could use it winding around objects and creating animations. The confidence and clarity of the creative struck a chord. It captured the power of the offer. It made it easy to understand to multiple audiences. And as an idea, it can stretch across multiple platforms and countries with little need for translation or explanation. 


With a name as unique as Splio, with such a strong visual idea we stripped the brand back to its basic parts. Clean, reassuring and confident. A powerful expression of a simple idea. Standout from their competitors. A brand that when a prospect has met them, their reaction has to be “I’m so glad I met you, I know my business will be in good hands with you, I wish I’d met you years ago’. 


We simplified the logo. We simplified the naming hierarchy. Splio is now the company and the platform name. We simplified the approach to the market. And we simplified the collateral to tell the story in a way the multiple personas could commission and purchase Splio.

Tagline: Online. Offline. Aligned.

The brand has been universally well received, and commented on as, ‘yes, this is what we are’ by all audiences. 


Now comes the next part, lifting the marketing across channels to deliver prospects and clients to Splio. Further. Faster.


Jesse Swash,

Owner, Design by Structure, a corporate brand and digital design agency.