Splio’s interview in the China Daily & International Business Daily

06 août

Software Specialist leads the way in multichannel marketing.

In our modern, marketing savvy world, customer relationship management are key

says Raphaël Jore Executive Chairman of Splio.

Our platform provides a core experience and strong relationship-building tools to bring our clients and their customers clothed together. In China we anticipate the market will continue to grow, and we remain committed to providing the best.

Please find below, the whole article given by Raphaël Jore, Executive Chairman of Splio, for the 50th anniversary of Franco-Sino relations published on the 14th July (Bastille Day). ChinaDaily The China Daily (CD) is the first and only national English-language newspaper in China. The readership is estimated at 3M in China and Hong Kong.  For the International Business Daily (IBD), the readership is 4.2M in China. Total readership for both newspapers is a combined 7.2 M.