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How Splio works.

Splio’s New Loyalty Marketing Platform delivers on and offline customer loyalty marketing. Bring internal teams together to focus on the common purpose of driving sales and profit online and offline.

Steps to loyalty marketing.

Five steps to success. There are five key steps to getting the most from the Splio customer platform. From making use of the data within your organization to empowering sales teams to run marketing campaigns, these are the key five steps.

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Harness the insights in data.

Join and align all on and offline channels to know all your customers. With this single customer view, create a comprehensive marketing program creating segments based on behaviors, purchase histories and loyalty data.

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Feel the power of connection.

Connect onsite, outbound and instore engagement to drive connections between on and offline.  Provide a unique customer experience with completely aligned online and offline buying journeys that suit your customer buying preferences.


Delivery all on one platform.

Deliver powerful loyalty program and marketing campaigns. Move from Marketing Automation to Loyalty Marketing by triggering personalized and targeted communications to your customers based on understanding customer loyalty, sales data and known behaviors all within the same platform.


Be in complete control.

Let your store managers run local campaigns.  Boost your company’s marketing performance by letting those closest to the business decide what and when marketing campaigns get sent to their customers.

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Continually learn and improve.

Train and arm marketing and sales personnel with metrics to deliver effective campaigns.  Gain insight into audience behaviors on and offline and measure the effectiveness of marketing actions.


Use your data. Store all your customer journeys from your online and offline systems in one place. Give internal teams access to create coordinated and tailored campaigns that connect you directly to customers.

Data sources include:
  • Product categories
  • Contact information
  • Targeting history
  • Purchase history
  • Wish list
  • Reward history

Model every customer journey. Develop campaigns that are based on real customer buying behaviors. Plan, trigger and automate campaigns across multiple channels both instore and online to reach every customer.

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Create highly personalized campaigns. Dynamically create and personalize emails, SMS and WeChat to create individual relationships with customers. Use templates from your library and preview on multiple devices before sending.

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Know your customers better. Analyze the performance of your campaigns, calculate the ROI, profitability and measure deliverability. Compare and consolidate all reports from campaigns. Be in complete control.

Splio Analytics

Take a complete view. Use multidimensional 360° targeting to create ultra precise customer segments. Set and limit the number of customers in your segments and focus on generating traffic instore and encouraging purchases online.

Targeting sources include:
  • Items purchased
  • Preferred stores
  • Online activity behavior
  • Loyalty transactions
  • Clienteling actions
  • Abandoned carts

Recognize and reward loyalty. Measure customer engagement and attachment to your brand. Use our online and offline scoring and rewarding features to create tiers of loyalty. Follow your ambassadors and measure their impact on your brand.

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Mobile Wallets.

Use a marketer-friendly solution to connect with your customers in the moments that matter.

Much more than simple payment applications or boarding passes, Mobile Wallets offer a highly effective way to modernize your brand and create personalized marketing and loyalty experiences your customers will love.

Learn more about Mobile Wallets

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Engage your Chinese consumers with a native WeChat integration.

Manage all your acquisition, retention and engagement campaigns simply in one single place. Design standalone strategies or seamlessly incorporate WeChat into your broader omnichannel marketing campaigns.

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How do brands use Splio?

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Get them to buy twice.

Know you customers, create loyalty marketing programs that connect to your customers and bring them back instore or online for repeat purchases.
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Join up your on and offline channels.

Align your on and offline customer marketing. Make sure all internal team efforts are coordinated to drive uplift instore and online.
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Retain and reward your best customers.

Keep your best customers. Reward loyalty with tailored offers that ensure you keep your most loyal customers engaged.
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Move to Loyalty Marketing.

Loyalty means more. Shift from blast marketing to targeted marketing that drives loyalty and delivers repeat sales.

Get them to buy twice.

Know you customers, create loyalty marketing programs that connect to your customers and bring them back instore or online for repeat purchases.