Splio leads the way! A manifesto for long-term, meaningful new loyalty.

05 septembre

Sandra Fernandes

Catégorie : Loyalty


Splio is committed to helping marketers develop new loyalty. Brands today don’t necessarily know what’s best for their customers; the consumer alone holds the keys to a brand’s success. The advent of social media and new consumers has given rise to a new conception of brand loyalty, which calls for updated loyalty-building techniques. In this era of omnichannel commerce and omnipresent innovation, brands must adapt to a constantly evolving market and new consumers.

As marketers, you are aware of the potential that lies in loyalty and you know you need to consider the fundamentals to develop a profitable, long-term strategy for developing loyalty and customer engagement.

By combining loyalty and marketing to achieve more relevant and impactful interactions, Splio responds to your current needs to create connections and encourage repeat purchases.

Splio is committed to helping you:
  1. Evolve from B2C thinking to C2B marketing: you must put yourself in your customers’ shoes to better understand them and encourage them to embrace your brand values so they will see more value in your products.
  2. Make customer knowledge the new driving force of marketing: it’s time to take advantage of customer knowledge rather than letting the Big Four reap all the rewards. You should collaborate with your teams in the field and analyze data together in order to better understand your customers.
  3. Learn the language of new consumers: born in the era of social media with a smartphone in hand, Millennials are super-connected, super-demanding, super-consumers who are less and less predictable and who represent the future of retail.
  4. Create a community of ambassadors: today’s consumer “likes” right and left, shares, records, recommends, rants, and takes selfies with your products — they embody your brand’s viral potential. Learn how to reward, but also how to recognize, this type of customer.
  5. Super-personalize customer relationships: your challenge is to offer customers a super-personalized, super-engaging, and long-term experience through the more efficient use of data and implementation of more relevant scenarios.
  6. Stop merely rewarding purchases and start rewarding engagement, by offering an interactive, emotional, and seamless experience.
  7. Usher in the era of omnicommerce, in which channels represent channels of communication, interaction, and sales.
  8. Create a community of ambassadors and celebrate them with small gestures as much as you would loyal customers: invite them to include the brand in their every-day lives by involving them in product development and surprising them daily.
  9. Refresh your marketing campaigns through knowledge, interaction, and celebrating your customers.
  10. Treat all customers as loyal customers. Visitors to your e-commerce site, people who “like” your Facebook page on a recommendation from someone they know, and content fans who share your content on Instagram are all potential customers.