Personalize or ultra-personalize: that is the question.

11 avril


Personalization is not the question anymore today. Mass communication left room for personalized communication while we follow brandevery day on any channel. Personalization pays: 75% of Internet users go in-store and buy products promoted in a newsletter[1]. 

Try personalized communication versus general communication and you will shortly come to the conclusion that personalization also pays off in terms of customer relationships and loyalty to your brand. Open rates, click rates, conversion: all your performance KPIs will turn green. For example, in comparison to a mass emailing, a personalized email campaign shows a unique opening rate higher by more than 29% and a unique click rate higher by 41%[2]! Why go without? 

After Valentine’s Day, other sales moments are coming up and not least: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Summer Sales… Sales moments are important periods for your brand regarding the revenue it generates. Let’s take a more detailed look at Mother’s Day. This ultra-popular celebration in Europe represents on its own 30% of annual revenue for rose producers[3]. 


So, how to make a difference? How to produce marketing campaigns that draw attention, inspire consumers and engage your clients? You must do it now, in the era of engagement and social networks, personalization is not enough. The time has come for you, marketers, to make a room for ultra-personalization. Your 1st step: opt for customer knowledge to segment and personalize your messages. 2nd step: take personalization to the extreme thanks to onlinetainment because it is what today’s consumers are waiting for from your brand’s communications. 

Sales moments are not the only moments you should keep in mind. From now on, you must also surf on challenges and trends spotted on social networks. The only watchword is virality to drive traffic on and offline. 

May 4th: any Star Wars fans among your customers? Create a photo booth to bear the image of Star Wars and offer your followers to stop by in store to take a picture with Chewbacca. 

International Cocktail Day: why don’t you invite your customers to a private sale accompanied by their favorite cocktail next May 13th? 

For Parent’s Day on June 1st, identify the new parents in your client base and offer them to win a romantic weekend for recharging their batteries. 

On July 21st, it is European Ice Cream Day. Partner with an ice cream producer based close to your flagship store and invite your customers to savor an ice cream in store! 

For International Gaming Day on November 23rd, organize a FIFA cup in your stores. You will make your gaming customers happy.  

These were just a few examples that will drive traffic in-store and create a buzz with your Instagram community. In other words, entertain your customers to encourage them to engage themselves alongside your brand on social networks and to buy your products. 


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[2] Invesp

[3] Institut de sondage Ipsos


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