Mother’s Day: ready, set, go!

02 mai

How ready are you for Mother’s Day? It’s happening on the 6th, 13th, 24th, 26th, 27th of May, in Spain, USA, Italy, China, Poland, and France! It is a very special day, celebrated internationally, and your customers are expecting a very special campaign from you for a very special person they know. Mother’s Day is coming soon, so how ready are you to boost sales internationally, increase your brand awareness and delight your customers?

According to National Retail Federation’s survey1, US customers were supposed to spend in 2017 $23.6 billion on Mother’s Day. Among the gifts referenced in the survey, you could find not only greeting cards or flowers but also jewelry (36% of shoppers), books or CDs (21%), electronics (15%) and clothes (38%). That means that most of retail brands are concerned by the May sales peak and should rethink their marketing strategy to meet customers’ expectations and to boost revenue.

Are your products “ready-to-buy”?

A well-organized schedule is a key to success. You’re the specialist in your business – you know how retail works and how much time you need to satisfy your customer’s needs in terms of offers, stock, and delivery. Your customers don’t have to understand the process, they just need to have offers for your products that are “ready-to-buy” for Mother’s Day. That’s why it is important to prepare your marketing plans according to your business, and be ready at least 2 months before the event to be sure that all marketing materials, email and SMS communications are all tied up.

That’s the plan!

Surprise your customer.

If you want to use an event to promote your brand, you could choose between two different paths. Communicate about a product because it matches with the occasion (for example chocolates for Mother’s Day) or create a buzz about a product that is not obviously “in relationship” with the specific event. Let’s imagine that a retailer from the gardening sector builds a marketing campaign around the catchy slogan “What about a new garden shovel for Mother’s Day”? Probably not, but it’s not the point of this strategy. The real goal is to surprise and get the attention, to get brand awareness.

No matter what you sell, there is always a possibility to use the specific event to catch your client’s attention. Inspire and have fun!

Would YOU buy a product at 6 a.m.?

In the ROI and results focused era, it’s easy to forget that your customers are human beings and they could be discouraged by overwhelming communications or an SMS message sent at 6 a.m. That’s why every brand should build with their customers a relationship based on trust. It’s important to respect rules and to monitor the results of marketing actions to build personalized campaigns that fit customer’s expectations. GDPR compliance and good practices are the keys to building customer happiness and trust. Like avoiding sending SMS messages during weekends or late at night, even for very special occasions, like Mother’s Day.

Don’t overload your customers with too many communications and follow the golden rule of quality over quantity.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Every customer is unique and worth your efforts, not only once in a blue moon. Personalized offers and high-quality services should be the everyday concern for retailers. For this reason, send your clients offers based on their previous interactions, invite your top customers to VIP secret sales and reward them for not only for buying products but for sharing your content on Social Media as well. Delighted customers will become the loyal ambassadors of your brand.

Remember to plan the perfect timing, inspire, respect and delight your customer. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to build a C2B loyalty and to treat your customer with love!


1. NRF Survey