Splio’s Summer Readings

17 juillet
Have you planned any special readings for the Summer Break? Splio came up with a small list of articles and guides that you could enjoy between two novels. 


Let yourself be captivated by Alexandre Weill’s interview, Retail Director of Weill: « Weill is a modern brand… The brand communicates with its clients on social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram, where the brand respectively has 116,000 and 25,000 followers, via its newsletter, e-commerce website and points of sale. Weill continually adjusted its communications to its clients’ new usage patterns.« 



Let yourself be surprised by Laëtitia Faure and Isabelle Musnik’s 1,001 ideas from INfluencia: « Brands now offer multi-space sites hosting activities that are not necessarily connected to their core business – cafés, relaxation rooms and collaborations with other brands, as well as health and beauty services. Everything is designed to meet the many needs of customers in a single place – and encourage them to linger as long as possible in the store.« 



Let us innovate your way to manage customer loyalty by giving you the means « to shift from the reward to the recognition mode, and from client relations to customer relationships.« 



Let yourself be guided by Alan Rhode on how to be GDPR compliant: « data protection has become crucial and a factor for growth. Brands must shift from B2C to C2B marketing, to a very customer-centric dynamic where data and loyalty play a key role.«