Is Automation the Holy Grail of Modern Marketing?

06 novembre

For the past 10 years, automation has been top of mind for CMOs. There’s no doubt that automation has brought big value to marketers. But has automation become synonymous with modern marketing at the risk of missing out on important business priorities?

When 90% of B2C marketing communications still focus on more ‘traditional messages’ like newsletters, promotions, product launches and similar topics that push business needs, why has marketing automation annexed such a huge part of our marketing budgets?

Has marketing become a sales and journey automation department, where storytelling and business strategy play supporting roles? And for all those dreams of customer-centricity, have marketers taken on second jobs as salespersons in the digital economy?

Check out this Medium article from Tinyclues Founder, David Bessis, that covers the above and several other topics such as:

  • The automation ceiling
  • How marketers need to build demand for constantly evolving business priorities.
  • Last touch attribution pitfalls, and underinvestment in real marketing.
  • How Customer Marketing can become a better partner for the entire organization.