How to modernize your Loyalty program with social networks?

13 juin

Sandra Fernandes

Catégorie : Loyalty


First, you’ll need to get rid of the old definitions.  In today’s world Loyalty can’t just be used to reward transactions and is not just for loyal customers either. What about rewarding social interactions as well as any other digital touchpoints?

  1. The digital age is blurring the boundaries between a customer and a prospectYou need to integrate into your Loyalty strategy not only your customers but your followers, your ambassadors as well as your VIPs. Because they all follow you in one way or another. 
  2. For each target, its own Loyalty program! Your Loyalty program must be able to take into consideration all these new targets starting with basic reward programs and moving into personalization and engagement-first programs which will answer your ambassadors’ expectations and will generate word-of-mouth! 
  3. Why don’t you assign some Loyalty points to customers who spend a little bit of their time every day on your e-commerce website? Or to those who follow and like you on social networksOr even to customers who click your emails, answer your satisfaction surveys or recommend your newsletters to their friends? Valuing every interaction is the main goal. You should go beyond basic transactions and reward every web, CRM, social, mobile or physical interaction. 
  4. All these interactions are key and should be rewarded today for you to maximize your contacts’ daily engagement. It’s the key to building long-lasting and profitable relationships with your customers. And this New Loyalty approach is not more expensive, quite the opposite in fact because we are no longer in a cashback logic.  You are not going to offer a voucher to a VIP who won’t hesitate to pay full price or thank a follower with a coupon. You need to take a step into the recognition era, an era of special treatments. Let your in-store staff call your customers, put your ambassadors of the month in your Instastory or give your customers the chance to meet your team! 

These new touchpoints are also Loyalty points that brands can use to score their customers. Interactions are the new engine of Loyalty and answer to brands’ needs to engage daily with their customers on every channel, enrich their customer knowledge, ultra-personalize communication and modernize customer relationships thanks to the digital era. 

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