Here are the 3 most shared articles on Loyalty in 2019.

16 décembre


2019 has been a great year for loyalty marketing in China. The rise of loyalty is an answer to today’s customer relationship challenges. At Splio we are convinced that New Loyalty represents a new way for brands to engage with their customers but also a new way for brands to build a long-term relationship and business, not only with their customers but also with the consumers in general. We have gathered the 3 most shared articles about loyalty in 2019 and pulled out a practical WeChat Loyalty Journey infographic for you to incorporate into your work in 2020.

5 China-localized loyalty tactics to consider.

The Chinese economy continues to grow but nevertheless the market has changed. Discounts are no longer primary to drive re-purchase and Chinese customers are less loyal to the brands. However, brands cannot underestimate the power of a loyal customer base and also the fact that a loyal customer spends 67% more than a new customer. In the highly competitive consumer and retail landscape, a deep understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese customers can help inspire you to develop a well-performing loyalty program in China.

82% of Chinese customers have claimed that they would spend more if they were offered a loyalty scheme. Just like all marketing strategies, loyalty tactics also require critical tailoring to resonate with Chinese customers’ unique expectations. Currently, loyalty schemes in China are generally concentrated on 5 key tactics that international brands can leverage for localization, as well as 2 main loyalty membership modes that brands can choose to develop their business.

>>>5 key customer Loyalty tactics you need to consider for China.

New Retail and New Loyalty combined.

China’s retail landscape is in a period of transformation and CRM is changing alongside it. On the one hand, it’s getting bigger; on the other hand, it’s getting more and more interesting. At this time, New Retail, the seamless integration of offline and online retail, is proposed and made possible at scale by a combination of mobile first, WeChat ubiquity, mobile payment dominance and retail tech.

Splio is keeping a watching brief on the improvement of New Retail, improving customer retention and strengthening all aspects of the loyalty impact: increased basket, repeat purchase, operating costs reduction and referrals. New Loyalty entails a number of different concepts, of these, Membership is becoming a precondition of purchase.

>>>Everyone is a member: New Loyalty in New Retail in China. 

Move to WeChat Loyalty.

WeChat is the primary social gateway to Chinese audiences as it represents a lifestyle in China. With the stats that over 1.13 billion monthly active users on WeChat and 60% of WeChat users open the app more than 10 times per day according to Tencent, WeChat opens a great business perspective for brands.

Today, in order to thrive in China’s fast-paced omnichannel market, and keep consumers connected to the brand at all touchpoints to offer a seamless experience, businesses are turning to WeChat Loyalty Mini Programs thanks to its fully-fledged ecosystem. It is the easiest way to encourage regular use with the help of rewardable behaviors. What types of rewards and behaviors on WeChat worth integrating into?

>>>New Loyalty: 5 types of rewardable behaviors on WeChat.

How does New Loyalty meet New Retail on WeChat?

What about rewarding any interaction customers and consumers may have with your brand in order to create a long-lasting and profitable relationship with them?

To better respond to our customers’ doubt on New Loyalty, around Double 11, we have followed a Chinese customer Gracie and created a 9 weeks WeChat Loyalty Journey to understand how she became a loyal customer. The infographic is designed to explain what customers’ online and offline touchpoints, mental activities and purchasing behaviors are, and what loyalty or social behaviors brands should reward, thereby realizing how New Loyalty meets New Retail on WeChat.

>>>What does a New Loyalty Journey look like on WeChat around Double 11?

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