Fnac Darty commits to a long-term partnership with Tinyclues

05 mars

Building customer loyalty has always been part of the culture and strategy of Fnac-Darty, the leading household appliances, electronics and entertainment goods retail conglomerate. With dozens of millions of consumers across 12 countries in their customer base, customer marketing programs are essential drivers of revenue and growth for both e-commerce and in-store sales.

2020 has been a challenging year for the economy, and it was especially hard on retailers.

In such difficult times, this is mission-critical for marketing teams to deliver on commercial goals without sacrificing customer experience.

We’re immensely proud of being identified as a long-term partner and a key component of Fnac-Darty’s customer experience strategy.

Fnac was one of the first early adopters of Tinyclues in 2014 and we’re looking forward to continuing this journey with them, working with their teams to continue to expand our solution’s capabilities.

More than ever, customer data and customer insights should be at the heart of any CX strategy is instrumental to sustainable growth. We’re happy to share this vision with Fnac-Darty.

Today, Fnac Darty uses Tinyclues’ audience building and campaign decisioning capabilities to intelligently allocate consumers between all their weekly campaigns. While incredibly complex and diverse, the entire marketing plan is globally optimized based on dynamic insights gained from all Fnac Darty first-party data assets.

Just like the folks at Fnac Darty managed to deliver consistent successes by deploying the right strategies and making the right technology investments, we’d be happy to help you reach your goals.