5 marketing tactics to increase agility in this uncertain situation.

06 septembre

In this post-epidemic era, customer behaviors have led to huge changes for most of the industries, forced brands to be more agile regarding their business strategy How to get fully digitalized? We will share several methods thabrands can do to achieve their business objectives. 

1. Live Streaming.

By the well-developed internet environment in China, live streaming thrives and covers all industries. Just for January 2021, the TOP10 anchors created a total GMV of 6.94 billion yuan (1.07 billion USD), took up 55% of the market share. 

By recommending good product with good prices, anchors and the fans have been building up a trust relationship, fans took less time to make purchase decision, they trust the brands that the anchors recommended. 

Live streaming is good for brands, especially new brands that need to have more brand awareness and word of mouth.  

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2. Referral Program.

Referral program generally means to encourage your existing customers spread brand information and product experiences to their acquaintances, by providing additional benefits, like coupons, gifts, cash, or brand experiences, etc… this is a low cost and highly efficient way to recruit the look-like potential customers for your brand.

查看源图像One representative example is referral  discounts. New customers will be more likely to try the product that has been referred by their friends, and discount will  make the purchase decision even easier. If they are also happy with your products / services, the growth of your potential customers will be multiplied.

Referral program almost fits for every brand, by using different tactics, to maximize the value of your existing customers. 

3. Products with QR Codes.

Your products are your best media to communicate whatever you want with your new/existing customers. By printing a QR code on your product, you can recruit all your customers from different channels without certain constrains

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With benefits-driven message to encourage customers to scan QR code to engage with brands, and at same time, brands can also obtain customers’ personal data for brands to further cultivate, engage and convert. 

This method fits the brands that sell products with packages so they can make sure those who scanned the QR code are their real customers. 

4. WeChat Mini Program.

WeChat mini program is a light version of APP based on WeChat environment, easy to access and can be designed and developed according to the different needs of the brand. It’s an effective tool for collecting your private traffic.


Brands can setup a e-store via mini-program, in order to have a smoother “read and buy” conversion under the official WeChat account. Or mini program can be a loyalty member center that can convert all WeChat fans to their members, and they can access it whenever and wherever they want.

Mini program can also create two-way communication with members, especially for service-oriented brands. WeChat mini programs fit for all brands whose mainly focus on WeChat ecosystem. 

5. Online Community.

If mini programs are the foundations for brands to establish private traffic, then WeChat work and communities will be the main parts to communicate with and serve customers. It’s basically an Enterprise version of WeChat that can provide effectively one-to-one contact channels. 

Online community can be an effective way to maintain your customer relationship, by providing diverse needs to different group of people, promoting various products accor

ding to their preferences, taking their product feedback and giving prompt replies, etc…  

This method fits the brands that offering lots of different product categories, especially for retail industry, to drive more offline traffic and online conversion.

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So, the time has come to make your brand digitalized and build a long-term and sustainable relationship with your customers. For more information on customer relationship management, contact us !