5 ideas to include GDPR compliance in your marketing strategy

03 avril

Cristina Madrid

Catégorie : Data

Is GDPR a constraint? At Splio we don’t think so! We see GDPR as an opportunity to rethink the way marketers should use their data to better know their customers and improve overall marketing performance We are convinced that there is no successful client marketing strategy without considering customer data.  What if you reevaluate your marketing strategy from scratch starting with data?

Here are 5 things you can do to quickly implement and enhance your client marketing strategy:

  1. Acquisition.
    1. Registration form: it’s the first step in building a database to use in your marketing activities and will provide other essential elements that you’ll need to better understand your customers and their needs.
    2. Explain clearly and concisely why and how you are going to use this data. Be transparent and adopt a language that does not lead to misunderstanding.
    3. Don’t use pre-checked boxes to subscribe automatically to your communications any customer or contact providing you with their data.  Let them choose themselves.
    4. To ensure that your customers are satisfied with receiving your brand communications, remember to send a double opt-in message confirming their registration and agreement.
    5. Record in your database the source of your contact’s registration, especially if you want to do some inactive recovery campaigns.

  2. Segmentation and content.
    Once you identify your current and potential customers, you should know how to segment your campaigns and create quality content for each of the people you are targeting.  Offer an online, offline and aligned omnichannel experience to avoid duplicated touchpoints through different channels.

  3. Preferences center.
    To be able to manage the interest of your clients towards your brand and not impact them when they are not so involved with you, integrate a preferences center in your website to allow people the choice to modify the periodicity with which they wish to receive your communications and the content that best suits them (presentation of new collections, sales, VIP events, etc.).

  4. Database maintenance and loyalty program construction.
    Not everything in this life is about advertising emails and commercial communications. You can add value to your clients by launching opinion surveys that contribute to improvements in your services and the rewards in your loyalty programs.  It will also be an opportunity to update your database and enhance the customer experience with your brand.

  5. Inactive contacts management and unsubscriptions.
    Because not all relationships last forever, you must leave the door open to those who no longer feel close to your brand.  Your database will be healthier, and you will avoid generating a negative image of your brand by sending communications to people who are no longer interested in your content.  You can always try to recover them (remind them when they joined your program and why they did it!).  But if they do not want to stay, it is always better to let them leave happy and on their own accord (by clicking on the unsubscription link 🙂 ).

With these simple steps, the quality of your database will increase, as well as the results of your marketing campaigns. Also, remember that these actions will bring you closer to the GDPR initiative.