4 tips to maintain your relationship with your customers.

31 mars

Sandra Fernandes

Catégorie : Loyalty


Retail marketers and consumers are all in the same boat during this lockdown period.

How is the marketer inside you doing? The marketer inside you must be uncertain. Split between home office and life in the home, between his desire to be everywhere and his duty of reserve regarding the seriousness of the situation, between his need to give his brand an existence and to support our white-coat heroes. Your customers are today sharing the same daily routine as you do, and like you they are hyper-connected.

Under these circumstances, it is time to be yourself, without filter, to affirm your values, to communicate your emotions, to reveal your day to day life that never has been so close to theirs. It is time for mutual engagement, and it goes through the highlight of your digital culture.

Here are four tips to settle a customer relationship in good spirits:

1. Be attentive.

The main objective today is to maintain the relationship you have with your customers. Put yourself in their position and think about what could interest them from your brand regarding the situation.

One of the most proband examples is the messages we all see on social networks regarding the changes of online orders, the delayed expeditions, the cancellation and the impossible returns. Whatever the strategy you are opting for, only follow this one! Internally think about a politic that will both satisfy your brand and your consumers, by always keeping in mind that you are trying to act in everyone’s best interest.

Your message should spread tranquility but also demonstrate your brand’s flexibility with the present situation. It is exactly what Faguo – a French shoes and clothes brands – does in its latest emailing by offering delivery to its customers and extending return deadlines.


2. Stay close thanks to socials.

It is time to give value to your digital culture. Social networks are still working, and your customers are more than ever connected. They are privileged communication channels to be without filter and to build a new relationship with your community.

Ask your follower to share their daily routine, ask them questions, show them that your teams are still there for them… what may be the message you want to deliver, you must be positive and constructive, and always make sure to not hurt anyone’s sensibility (especially in times of crisis!).


3. Put your know-how for the benefit of all.

As a brand, it is important to put your knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all.

Here is Tom&Co, a brand specialized into food, accessories and services for domestic animals. During the lockdown period, it offers to Instagrammers a new way to do sport with their animal(s) while long outside walks are forbidden!



What about you, what do you have to offer? Recipes? Sport coaching? Indoor activities for children? Do not be shy and put your know-how in the benefit of all in a ludic and creative way.

4. Don’t remain silent.

There is a time for everything, and it is normal. A time to digest the chock linked to the situation, a time for reflection and then, a time to react. How to engage your customers and followers into a relationship and to reestablish contact during the lockdown period?

If you were extrapolating your relationship with a relationship you are having with a friend, would it not be strange to not talk to them during a crisis? It is the same for the relationship between your brand and your community. Tell them that you are still present and that they mean something to you.


A crisis situation changes the consumption habits but must not change the relationship you are having with your community. It is important to maintain a human relationship between your brand and consumers for everyone to go beyond the crisis in the best possible conditions.

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