2019: The time has come for New Loyalty Marketing.

04 janvier

Sandra Fernandes

Catégorie : Loyalty


Every year marketers predict that the coming year is the year of the mobile. In 2019, this will finally be the reality.

From Instagram and WeChat to Google Pay and Apple Pay, brands are now able to interact and transact with consumers easily via their phones, anytime and anywhere. But consumers want more – 90% appreciate personalized experiences, pushing retailers to further individualize their communications with even more sophisticated offers.  The latest entrants into this space are natively integrated Mobile Wallet apps. Mobile Wallet Marketing opens a new 1:1 communication channel between brands and consumers, emphasizing the shift from personalization to individualization: digital loyalty cards, individualized offers, geofencing offer notifications, Loyalty status update and more.

This unique technology allows marketers to treat every customer like a loyal one with minimal operating costs, accelerated data analysis, and easier automation.  Such strategies make sense from the business perspective too, opening the opportunity to significantly boost brand perception and build word of mouth. With an active connection to the customer 24/7, the brand has a chance to reach the customer’s entire circle of connections – family, friends, colleagues, new acquaintances, wherever they may be. This is what New Loyalty is all about.

With this power, comes great expectations. We need to build an omnichannel approach and make sure every touchpoint, online or offline, reinforces the same brand identity and talks the same brand language.  Be it a retail vendor or an online Community Manager, all should have access to comprehensive customer information to provide assistance, boost engagement, develop stronger relationships, reward loyalty, and grow sales. This is what customer hyper-satisfaction will look like.

Marketers who want to succeed in this new world need to get started right now.  First, they need to become the masters of omnichannel marketing, blending the data from all interactions and transactions, whatever the channel, to deliver personalized messaging.  To get ahead of the curve – look to innovations that allow for a truly individualized approach with Mobile Wallets.  Finally, never settle and always seek to reflect the reality of your consumers – strive to be as connected as they are!

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