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Reach Chinese customers in China and abroad with Splio WeChat Loyalty.

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Drive additional revenue with WeChat.

WeChat is the new eldorado for brands. Chinese consumers are keen on shopping and especially for foreign brands. The WeChat app is an essential gateway to over 1 billion Chinese consumers.

WeChat is natively integrated into the Splio Loyalty Marketing platform enabling you to communicate and engage with Chinese consumers, create loyalty programs based upon transactions or relationships, boost sales and traffic on & offline, whether they are abroad or in China.

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The WeChat channel is natively integrated into Splio's Loyalty Marketing platform. Splio centralizes all your existing channels with the data from your Chinese customers and WeChat followers, allowing you to segment and send personalized communications from a single interface and platform.
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Interaction scoring.
Score both on & offline interactions of your Chinese customers and prospects by leveraging Splio's acquisition and loyalty engine. Increase lifetime value and sales by rewarding not only transactions but also relational loyalty of your Chinese customers based upon all the interactions with your brand on WeChat.
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WeChat Loyalty.
Easily deploy WeChat mini-programs using our out-of-the-box templates to digitize your Chinese loyalty programs. Give customers the opportunity to access their loyalty information in real time and provide a connected loyalty experience.
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Communicate on WeChat.

A fully native integration of WeChat means you don’t need any additional connectors or third-party vendors to communicate on WeChat. You can manage your marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, WeChat account subscriptions and mini-programs directly from our platform.

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Centralize all your omnichannel data.

Improve your customer knowledge using your customer interactions and transactions on WeChat with a single customer view from one platform.

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Digitize your loyalty programs with WeChat mini-programs.

Easily create as many mini-programs as you need on WeChat. Using Splio’s templates, create your loyalty programs and modernize your customer loyalty experience by giving them real-time access to their account and loyalty information.

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Personalize using customer knowledge.

Identify your customers on WeChat and send them personalized messages. Segment your followers by activity, gender, location or age and engage them in a long-term relationship with your brand by using the right content.

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Launch your WeChat Loyalty Marketing strategy.

Create your official WeChat account and get started in WeChat Loyalty Marketing with Splio.
Unify your customer knowledge, create relational and transactional loyalty programs based on customer interactions, and engage your customers and followers in a long-term relationship through personalized campaigns to grow China as a key market.

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Unified customer view.

Centralize all your customer data (transactional, social, etc.) from the different Chinese channels and ecosystems (Tmall, JD, Tic Toc, Little Red Book, WeChat store, shops, etc.) within the Splio platform and benefit from a 360-degree view of your customers to further personalize communications.

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Convert your followers into customers.

Identify WeChat customers who buy your products on Tmall, JD, Little Red Book and elsewhere and leverage the Splio platform to launch re-targeting campaigns to your transform your followers into customers.

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Retain consumers through all channels.

Create a modern loyalty program on WeChat based on transactions, interactions and recommendations. Develop a WeChat mini-program to launch your loyalty program, digitize your memberships, provide your customers with real-time access to their loyalty program information and purchase history.

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