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Connect with your customers in the moments that matter.

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Engage your customers -- anytime, anywhere.

The Splio Mobile Wallets platform is a marketer-friendly solution that integrates quickly with any CRM and loyalty solution and enables you to connect with your customers wherever they are. Mobile Wallets offer a highly-effective way to modernize your brand communications and create personalized marketing and loyalty experiences your customers will love.

Our platform

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Leverage Mobile Wallets.
Mobile Wallets are native applications that everyone has in their smartphone in both iPhone and Android. They represent a permanent touch point on your customers’ mobiles by leveraging apps that are natively present on their mobile and that they already use.
Standalone platform.
Splio Mobile Wallets works as a standalone platform, integrates quickly with your current CRM and loyalty solutions, and
can be easily adapted to fit within your existing marketing and loyalty programs.
Quick time to market.
We provide a subscription-based software as a service. You'll only need 2 hours to start using it without anything to develop.
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Promote your brand.

Deliver branded content such as offers, coupons, loyalty cards and more directly to your customers’ mobile phones.

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GDPR compliant.

Mobile Wallets are by default opt-in based upon smartphone settings.

GDPR compliant
Geo-tagged notifications.

Drive traffic in-store and increase sales with location-based push notifications.

Personalized communications.

Leverage your data to segment and target customers with personalized, contextually relevant, and privacy-conscious mobile experiences with push notification wallets.

Personalized data
Stay top of mind.
Engage with your customers by offering them a real-time loyalty experience and easy access to their loyalty account.
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Grow your business.

Acquire new prospects by enticing them to add coupons to their mobile wallets with offers they can’t refuse.

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Increase your sales.

Send ultra-personalized content to lift the conversion rates of your marketing campaigns.

increase with targeted campaigns
Strengthen customer relationships.

Engage with your customers by offering a real-time loyalty experience and easy access to their loyalty account.

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Personalized and connected.

Digitalize your loyalty program by encouraging your customers to add their dynamic loyalty card in their Mobile Wallet.

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Increase engagement.

Increase drive-to-store, e-commerce traffic or app downloads with Mobile Wallets.

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Bring them back.

Reactivate your contact base by sending them personalized coupons with limited offers.

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How brands use Splio Mobile Wallets.

Merci loyalty card

Concept store.

Merci updates their customers about what's new through their store card. It also grants access to their Private Sales and Concierge Service.

Hardware store.

Mr. Bricolage uses the solution to acquire new customers: Quizzes, Facebook Ads or Google Ads to add a card giving access to exclusive benefits.
Orcanta loyalty card

Lingerie store.

Orcanta manages its loyalty program through the store cards. Their customers get real-time updates on their loyalty points and offers.
carte de fidélité Dessange sur Mobile Wallet

Beauty Franchise.

Dessange International, a global high-end franchiser of comprehensive beauty care, used Splio Mobile Wallets to acquire new customers via Facebook Ads using individualized passes and personalized offers.
mobile wallet loyalty card fnac

Culture & Electronics Store.

Fnac, the large French retail chain selling cultural and electronic products, uses Splio Mobile Wallets to provide their customers with a dynamic, personalized loyalty card offering real-time access to membership information, gift cards and geo-localized offers.

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