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Leadership team.

A high caliber team from diverse backgrounds unified by a common purpose, to transform online and offline loyalty marketing that drives increased revenue for brands large and small.

mireille messine
Mireille Messine
Chief Executive Officer
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Gregory Chapron
Grégory Chapron
Chief Operating Officer
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Evelyne Notton
Evelyne Notton
Chief Technical Officer
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Antoine Scialom
Antoine Scialom
Chief Revenue Officer
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Donald Pontabry
Donald Pontabry
Chief Services Officer
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hugues de calbiac
Hugues de Calbiac
Chief Financial Officer
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sandra fernandes
Sandra Fernandes
Chief Marketing Officer
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Nicolas Pinon
Nicolas Pinon
Product Director
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Rabye Marouene
Rabye Marouene
Mobile Director
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antoine parizot
Antoine Parizot
Country Manager France
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Sergi Pastor
Sergi Pastor
Country Manager Spain
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Fabio Maglioni
Fabio Maglioni
Country Manager Italy
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Romain Henriot
Romain Henriot
Country Manager China
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